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    Thread: Skoda Laura Ambiente 2.0 TDI DSG - Our Czech Princess :-)

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      Skoda Laura Ambiente 2.0 TDI DSG - Our Czech Princess :-)

      Let's start with a pic...

      Click image for larger version. 

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      This is going to be a long post as well as thread will be split into different posts for ease of reading.

      How it all started?
      Figo was doing great & served us well till date. But the urge for owning one more car started somewhere during the end of last year. Why "one more" car? Cos we didn't want to part with our Colorado Queen. Why the desire to own one more car? Don't ask me why. I still don't know. Few reasons which I can think of are car should be effortless to drive, less strainful, more power & torque... Having said that Figo is not bad either. But it feel strained post 130Km/hr & noise is at a higher level at those speeds. As well wanted to explore North India more. So felt a new car with more power/torque will be good for cruising & cover distance easily.

      Which car?
      Now the question is which car? It have to be a hot hatch(GT) or sedan. Wife was against the hot hatch as we will have similar space in it like our Figo(even though it is good enough). I want the car to be planted & close to road. So no SUV/Compact SUV. Am not a big fan of sub 4 metre sedan either. That means from next segment it is going to be Vento or Rapid. I didn't consider other cars from that segment as it won't be giving driving pleasure for me. No offence meant to owners of other cars from the same segment. As well, one more reason is that if it is going to be a new car, it has to be a Diesel DSG. Was checking about the launch of Rapid Monte Carlo edition in India & it seems to push for ever. Main reason behind choosing Monte Carlo edition is that I like all black interiors.

      Kept on pushing the desire to own one more car & 2017 came. Decision was not yet made whether to buy one more car and if buying which car. Started looking into the On-road pricing of Vento/Rapid in Bangalore. For the top end Diesel DSG it costs 16.5 Lakhs. It was hard to digest for me. Felt it was over priced and as well the car was available for 13 Lakhs few years back. Doesn't felt like a wise move to buy Vento/Rapid for that price.

      Laura craze
      Then came the Laura craze. This was there for some time now. I like Laura as well as Jetta. Wished to own Jetta some time in future but as VW decided not to bring new Jetta to India, doors to own one was almost shut. We were not in a position to own one now; reason definitely being finance. That means we are left with used Laura or Jetta. I started to have interest towards the Laura TSI few years back itself . Have read & viewed a good bunch of reviews/ownership reviews about Laura TSI online. megazoid & tadukuttan had bought used Laura TSI & they were happy too. So started asking myself again as well as discussed with wife too whether we need a new car, why I(we) need it & what is going to be the usage. Don't know in this entire tenure of car search how many times we had this discussion. Cos of my desire & craze to own one more car, wife gave a suggestion that probably we can go for a Laura TSI. Reason being good low run(less than 60K Kms) Laura are available/bought for 6-6.5 Lakhs. We would be able to take a loan & manage it. As well usage is going to be less as we are planning to keep Figo. Laura will be mostly for drives & highway runs.

      Plan was to buy car from the owner itself & not from a dealer. Reason being owner will be more genuine & will be able to give history of the car. Apart from that main reason being that dealer will tamper the ODO reading.

      Then started the search online. OLX, Quikr, CarTrade, Carwale, Cardekho, Truebil, Droom & what not. Droom didn't help much as it had listings from Dealers only. Truebil on the other hand was a paid service. So concentrated mainly on OLX, Quikr, CarTrade/Carwale & Cardekho. At times used to check trovit & mitula as they list cars from most of the sites online. Meanwhile I have shared my interest with friends to own a Laura TSI.

      Cappuccino Beige TSI
      First car which got my attention was a Cappuccino Beige TSI. This was listed in OLX. Car had run less than 40K Kms but 2 owners against it. Called up & came to know that it is with a Dealer. Still decided to check it out but I had to travel to hometown over the weekend. When I came back first thing I did was to check OLX & saw that the Ad listing have moved to Archive - means it is sold. Felt sad as it was a low run car & 2 owners was nothing but company transferred vehicle to its subsidiary.

      Brilliant Silver TSI
      So may other cars started to list online & I closely monitored each one of them. I pinged/called the advertiser & started to screen. A MH car was kept on hold. I have decided that it have to be the owner itself & not a Dealer who is advertising. Next was a Brilliant Silver TSI. IIRC, it had run 62K Kms. Decided to check out the car & went all the way up to other end of city. I requested thedrive & jaguar to come along to check out the car. Those two & megazoid were the people who had to bear my torture more in this entire search period. We got there & saw the car. It was not clean. Outside dust/dirt shows that it was just simply lying around & what surprised me more was that the owner didn't bother to get it washed/cleaned before showing it to a prospective buyer. After initial checking of exterior, interior & engine bay, we took it for a spin. I had noticed that all 4 tires have gone bald. Whilst driving I came to know that all 4 suspension need a change too. I was not happy with the interiors as well. Owner was quoting 7.5 Lakhs. I pointed that I need to get the interiors cleaned, tires need a change as well suspension. For that his response was what's wrong with interiors - it's clean. But it was not for my standard neither for my friends who came along with me. And regarding suspension... he believes that it is not an important part in vehicle. He was looking for my quote but I said I will let him know later. Decided not to go with the car as paying 6-6.5 Lakhs & again spending a bomb on that car doesn't make sense.

      Candy White TSI
      Next was a GA Reg. Candy White TSI. Owner seemed to be knowledgeable & had taken good care of the car. Car had run 52-54K Kms. He was quoting 6.5 Lakhs. Only downside was it was a GA Reg. Decided to check out the car. Again, thedrive & jaguar gave me company. Took the car out for a spin. Car was good & he had changed alloys/tires to 16" ones. Rear ac vents had a minor damage. We spotted a leak near turbo which clearly needed a thorough inspection. However, overall car looked in good shape. He was ready to give the car for 5.5 Lakhs but I asked some time cos wanted to check re-registration cost and all. I didn't want to run a GA Reg. car here in KA & attract the cops. As well wife was also not Ok with a non KA car. After checking with RTO Agents realized that I have to pay few Lakhs to re-register it. Decided not to go with it.

      Another Candy White TSI
      This was from the infamous lot which didn't had fog lamps. Car was in Hyderabad but KA Reg. Car was lying there without being used much. I was not ready to make a quote without checking out the car. I have informed the owner not to bring the car to Bangalore just to show it to me. But few days later I got a call from them telling they are coming to Bangalore with the car. I decided to check it out. This time megazoid & a fellow friend had to bear me. Didn't had a positive vibe since we reached the place. After making multiple calls, When we were waiting to meet the owner, saw the car being taken out for a spin by some one else. He turned out to be a Dealer. Once he was done with his road test we decided to check out the car. First thing we noticed was no engine oil. TSI is known for drinking engine oil but this was an extreme. We took out the dipstick, cleaned it, put it back again & took it out. We couldn't spot any oil in dipstick. I touched the end of dipstick but to my surprise not even one droplet also. That was a big negative & that went into the mind & overrode all other thoughts later on. Insurance was lapsed & actual owner was out of India. His father is trying to sell the car. This was a desperate sale as they had another car lying with one of the bank as they didn't pay the loan amount. These all created more negative vibe. We had agreed on a price of 4.75 Lakhs but somehow I didn't want to proceed with the deal. At one point I had the thought why I need one more car & my companions got annoyed by my act. I still feel sorry for that. Owner was trying to close the deal in a hurry & I was not so Ok with it. I have shared my interest to check out the car taking to a proper garage for which also the response was negative. I paid some token amount to get out of that place & decided not to buy that car. Next day morning I called them up & said I am not proceeding with purchase.

      After this episode, the desire to own one more car & necessity of same started questioning my thoughts. Refrained from searching cars for a week or so but every time I am on road I will spot a Laura & the urge started to grow. Again me & wife started the discussion, thinking about the necessity, usage and all. By that time TSIs ran out of online listings & TDIs were more. We decided to check out TDI as it will be more suitable for the Kms we clock. As it is a Diesel it have to be a DSG. Laura Manual TDI came with a 110bhp/250nm tune. Also, if spending close to 7.5-8.5 Lakhs, it have to be an automatic.

      I started checking out TDI DSGs online. Was hard to find low run ones. Most of them had 70K Kms or more clocked. We didn't like the wood trim in Elegance & so was checking out the Ambiente model. L&K was Ok even though it had wood trim just cos of the reason that it is safety/feature rich. Saw few cars online which had run 50-70K+ Kms & quoting 8.5-10Lakhs. One Brilliant Silver Ambiente TDI DSG I had interest on but a deal was almost finalized before I could check out the car.

      Cappuccino Beige TDI DSG - Our Princess
      Then came our Cappuccino Beige TDI DSG.

      To be continued...
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      Congratulations on the acquisition!

      Knowing how well you have maintained the Figo, this car has found a nice home. It is indeed a lovely car with great cruising ability. Now you can plan out long drives and have fun while you are at it.

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      Congratulations on the purchase. After reading your thread, I can surely say that I am not the only one out there that thinks like you do any longer!!!. I bought my second Skoda during the middle of last year, but the time and energy put into it before buying the vehicle was quite a lot. And like you, I'm quite fussy about my cars.

      All i can say is, that after driving the Laura, nothing compares except the Jetta. Will have to wait for a while before I can convince wifey that I'd want to upgrade yet again. Wish me luck!!!
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      Congratulations on your purchase. Waiting to hear the whole story. I am on the hunt for a Laura too.

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      congratulations ! Please keep sharing your notes and experiences with Skoda.

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      Congrats man Wishing you more happy miles with this car

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      what was the cost of this one ?

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      Congrats Baiju Bhai!! Wish you many happy miles.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Evolution88 View Post
      Skoda Laura Ambiente 2.0 TDI DSG - Our Czech Princess
      Congratulations. Looks like pre worshipped D Segment car as a second car appears to be the trend these days.
      Look forward to read your purchase story further and also ownership experience.

      PS: I have changed "bare" to "bear" at couple of places. looks like it is a typo because of auto correct. I could not bear your friends "bare" you.
      Last edited by Nomad; 9th Jun 2017 at 18:37.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Nomad View Post
      Congratulations. Looks like pre worshipped D Segment car as a second car appears to be the trend these days.
      Look forward to read your purchase story further and also ownership experience.

      PS: I have changed "bare" to "bear" at couple of places. looks like it is a typo because of auto correct. I could not bear your friends "bare" you.
      The biggest problem is 10yrs and 15yrs limit for diesel and petrol cars.

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