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    Thread: Ford : Where did they go wrong in the Indian market

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      Ford : Where did they go wrong in the Indian market

      Hello everyone

      I was just looking at Ford lineup and comparing there sales to other player's in market.Ford has been struggling to establish a position in Indian market

      Attaching Sales figures of May 217
      Click image for larger version. 

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      Source -TeamBhp

      Now coming to analysis
      1) Ford Figo and aspire - Competent products ,Less service cost than Maruti dzire which is main competitors ,Fun to drive etc .Still so low sales ?.I would think it as a flop product whereas first gen figo was a hit

      2) Endeavour
      So many changes in variants, price cut and Now even Manual Transmission also being discontinued ( Sources - http://www.mycarhelpline.com/index.p...1710&Itemid=10 ) ,Ford doesn't have that brand pull as Toyota has like in fortuner, Innova etc .It cant be called flop but not hit also

      3) EcoSport - A car which set the stones for compact suvs with Duster.Doing ok considering the age of vehicle in Indian market

      4) Mustang - Doing good in sportscar segment due to many modifications can be done . Cheaper than R8,Z4 rtc also a factor

      So why still the ford is struggling ?Not able to beat Honda , Toyota , Similar level's to Volkswagen i would rather say ?.Cant beat Hyundai, Maruti as far as i think.

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      Everyone wants to live peacefully. People choose to go with opinion of majority.

      Its human tendency that they consider their choices, their opinion as best way of living life. And if majority is with one choice, they will try to make minority feel insecure by imposing their idea or by trying to convey that their choice is 'best' and everyone should adhere it.

      If people choose or talk about anything falls in minority then their is probability of irking the majority, which may harm the peace. Why to take that risk?

      Its matter of if you can leave or not leave the comfort zone, few dare to take risk of getting out of the comfort zone, many choose to stay within that.

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      Compare to others in the table above, I don't think that Ford is performing poorly or say any lesser than others (listed above). Yes, Maruti, Hyundai, etc are not in the frame, to prove otherwise.

      As far as I am concerned,
      • Ecosport wider by 40mm,
      • infotainment system with feature rich touch capable display,
      • GPS navigation,
      • reverse/rear view camera,
      • tailgate opening above like a hatch (with control button integrated in dash as in Figo),
      • Rear row AC vents, etc
      would have been hit in the price range +/- little bit accordingly. I would have bought it then only in the first few months after launch. Tail gate and width were the factors I stopped thinking of buying Ecosport that time.

      Leave longer than 4m version of the car for the set price range. Other features that would have attracted more buyers would be Hill assist, traction control, cruse control, sun-roof, built-in TPMS. Obviously, price would have been more then.

      I am saying this, knowing that Ecosport is built on the concept of cross-over "URBAN" SUV rather than SUV or "Tall" car and also that it is placed in the segment with the justifying price.

      Well, I have to admit that I am unaware of whether the features I mentioned above are provided there in the facelifted Ecosport or not.

      Other than this, i agree with what Jack Sparrow has mentioned above.

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      I doubt they are doing that bad for themselves. They certainly are not going to compete with Maruti and Hyundai with their limited cars models available on Indian market. Can they do better? Why not.

      If you look at hatchback option, all they have is Figo which was launched a decade ago. They have done 2-4 iteration of it, but why not look at launching some newer innovative products. EcoSport was innovative product but it has been in market for 6-7 years too.

      Mustang was a brave move, but if you need to have your presence in Indian market, launch 2-3 appealing Hatchback or sedans to give option to users. Innovation is the key and it certainly is not at the desired level for them.

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      Ford will survive. I am more worried about Nissan, Fiat.

      Honestly I do not think there is enough brand recognition and hence people are worried about after sales service. I definitely see a lot of Ecosport when on road. I think that has done really good for them. I do not think they will make top3 though. MS is long way ahead may be 50% market share and then Hyundai too is 25% may be. So basically it is fight for the third spot.

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      There are 2 problems in Ford's hands in the current market. And one hidden problem.

      1. Perception issue: costly to maintain AND poor resale value (maintaining their cars is cheap, and the resale of their diesel cars is quite ok. Petrol fords depreciate like the big 3 germans )

      2. Sales and marketing. Atleast, they are spending on marketing currently (though not highlighting all their strong points). However, their sales team at most dealerships are a big letdown. Sales and marketing have to be consistently blaring to the public, else they are not going to sell.

      The hidden problem: their global management. American companies aren't the most forward thinking companies on earth to be honest, and I am presuming that Ford is also facing the same issues. If their global HQ will withdraw their current support, then its bad times facing ahead for current owners (myself included). Their Indian operations is making money, but I doubt that their global HQ will be happy.

      On all other parameters, they are either equal or better than the current competition (thats my personal perception ).


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      Ford's problem are three fold. Major chunk of it lies in it decede old bad reputation of high service cost being cemented in the minds of new buyers.

      Next is the lack of aggressive dealership spread, MS had five times more dealerships than Ford and that along with bad word-of-mouth regarding service scuttled yhe resale considerably.

      Finally, the enthusiasm our country shows in ensuring it's citizens' safety is atrocious. One one hand they inconvenience all of us with their insisting on ISI helmets, which haven't made a dent on the 2lac odd road fatalities per year and, on the other hand, they turn a blind eye to the manufacturers selling trashy tin cans which are practically dealing death everywhere while half heartedly insisting on just seatbelts or airbags while being oblivious to crash tests.

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      When I was buying a car several years ago, Ford did not come into the picture at all. I don't recall any Ford dealerships near my home. There was a maruti dealership nearby. Actually there were 2.

      To this day I don't know where the nearest Ford dealership is. I know Tata, Hyundai, Mahindra even volvo. But somehow no Ford. Maybe they are a premium car manufacturer like Mercedes or maybe they want to be like Mercedes or BMW.

      They were probably not interested in selling a lot of cars in India.

      Maruti Suzuki workshops are all over the place. Ford workshops? I don't recall seeing them.

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      I suppose the biggest problem is that Ford is not that aggressive in tier 3 cities and town/villages. But for big cities, I suppose they are quite up to the mark with their presence.
      They have lowered the cost of ownership as well in past half a decade. But, still the older stigma of higher maintenance deter buyers to choose them.
      Ecosport and Endeavour are quite the best in their respective segments.

      By tagging along with Mahindra, they are just preparing for lower loss and easy exit, if at all they have to wind up later.

      Endeavour is a personal favorite and would love to own it someday.

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