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    Thread: Crysta 2.8zx

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      Crysta 2.8zx

      After months of dilemma finally bought the crysta 2.8zx. The vehicle was supposed to be bought a year ago,but due to various reasons got delayed. Some where the 17 inch tyre problem, delay in launching hexa,gst,bank related things etc. Iam not a fan of SUVs or MUVs, they are big and annoying. I like hatchbacks and sedans,especially hatchbacks. But because of the need to buy a seven seater booked a crysta.


      New 1st generation innova,

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      + factors -- things like space ,resale etc.

      - factors--price,somewhere around 18 lacs for this outdated model.

      2.Used first generation innova-- Even a 1 lac run innova was costing 12 lacs. One can buy a new sedan with warranty for this price.

      3.Endeavour 2017--

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      Before new endeavour was launched in india, was considering it. I thought like ecosport endeavour maybe priced low, atleast initially . Thought endeavour would be available for 25 onroad, but it wasnt, so dropped the plan.


      Click image for larger version. 

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      Never had a TD but based on owner reviews the car is a worthy competitor to crysta but still it had its flaws so after following hexa reviews and ownership in forums and whatsapp finally decided not to buy hexa.

      + factors,
      1. four lacs cheaper than crysta
      2. Ride quality better than crysta
      3. awd option

      - factors,
      1. 3rd row doenst gets curtain airbags
      2. Automatic lacks ESP. Manual has ESP but difficult to drive
      3. 3rd row access is difficult.
      4. Owner Reports of problems in AC, blown fuses.
      5. Some owners complained of left hand drive oriented ergonomics and body pain due to lack of reach in steering.
      6. Rumour of hexa being a stop gap arangement till its new muv is launched.
      7. Ingress/egress not friendly for old people.

      Overall hexa is a good vehicle but was not confident enough to vouch for it against a toyota.


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      So decided to get a crysta. Chose automatic top end diesel. It seems to look priced but i think 20 lacs is a ok price for what it offers.
      In TN very few zx autos are sold,most are either VX (no automatic option in VX) or ZX manuals. People in chennai seem to buy GX automatics.

      This crysta reaches 100kmph without one knowing it, it is so stable that one cant know it is going in 100kmp. Even with the heavy winds it still handles silently.
      The hydraulic steering has made handling good but not like a VW. It is not vague like most jap cars.
      Sound insulation is good you cant hear outside noise. When flooring after 100kmph there is a annoying sound from the engine. Vw engines are pleasant to hear when floored. Mileage is 12 kmpl, which is not bad .

      Driving a automatic in highways is a different feeling. Only brake is available to stop the vehicle unlike gears in manual. ESP is important in an automatic of this size and engine power.

      Visibilty is very good ,the side rear view mirrors give a clear picture of the sides, it is easy to handle.

      Speakers are bad that it is better to drive with music off. Toyota must have thought that most of its crysta customers wont care about quality speakers or even music.

      Navigation is good, i have never used any IN-CAR navigation, so cant compare.

      Car has run 500kms ,run in period is 1000kms. Will complete 1000kms is around a week. Will update after first service.

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      Click image for larger version. 

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      Quote Originally Posted by sparkls View Post
      finally bought the crysta 2.8zx.
      Congratulations, it is probably a good time to change the name from sparkls to "crystazx"

      Enjoy your new car, drive safe.

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      Congratulations, Crysta ZX is a very good MUV. What was the OTR rate after the GST was implemented?
      Never expected the audio in Crysta to be that bad & least expected from Toyota stable. I hope Toyota does something about it.
      Wishing you many more years of good ownership.


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      Congrats on the new car sparkls. Have many happy miles with the beast.

      Quote Originally Posted by sparkls View Post
      I like hatchbacks and sedans,especially hatchbacks.
      Your like Contradicts with your DP

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      congrats sparkls 20L car not having a decent ICE is a bummer, when will toyata stop its taxi mentality with innova
      Some of my Threads:

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      sparkls, Congratulations on your new acquisition. Wish you many happy (s)miles.
      2010 Ford Figo TDCi Titanium - CODE 6 Tuned - Our Colorado Queen :-)
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      Quote Originally Posted by vdm View Post
      What was the OTR rate after the GST was implemented?
      Have not registered yet, Rto has not updated their system and have not yet received temp certificate. Exshowroom difference is 1.20 lac less. Rto will be 40k-60k less i think

      Rto staff said that bikers register with old rates as the difference is negligible, but for innova like vehicles the diff is high that a owner will register in old rates.

      toy sales rep said that one customer registered with old rate and would have lost 60k unnecessarily without his knowledge. I dont knw how much it is true.

      Quote Originally Posted by vdm View Post
      Never expected the audio in Crysta to be that bad & least expected from Toyota stable.

      Low models dont even get a audio player.

      Quote Originally Posted by Lvramanan View Post
      Your like Contradicts with your DP
      'Aliens' fan, not suvs .

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      Congrats. IMO Crysta looks great, definitely not a taxi like before it is premium now thought cost has also gone up considerably.

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      not aware that he can set his status here!
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      Gave the car for 1000kms service. Appointment was fixed at 9am in madurai toyota. The booking process was done 2 days before. Booking process was pleasant.

      Car had some slight pulling to the left,said that to the SA. He said it will rectified but will be charged rs600. After telling that it was toyota's fault ,he said free alignment will be done.

      He didnt call even at 3pm. So when i called back he said car was ready and i can do a test drive and take delivery. I reached at 4pm and was made to wait till 5 pm as the technician responsible for alignment was busy. At 5 pm the technician came and during the TD found that pulling has stopped but steering was little off centre.

      He gave some nonsense excuses. I said that i will do alignment outside as service centres are incapable of doing perfect job( My relative who was with me pointed out later that i was rude talking like that, but that is the truth when it comes to alignment, i just wanted to make sure there was no serious issues with the car and it will be better if the ASC see the problem first). He said he will rectify the problem and took another 30 minutes and gave the car at 6 pm.

      Still the steering is slightly off the mark. Will have to get it done in the outside tyre shop i usually do alignment.

      Customer lounge needs to better maintained, the place has houseflies .

      In VW service centres one gets bottled water,here you have to drink from a pot(it has a tap ) using the same cup.

      Overall toyota staff are taking complaints seriously, but toyota service is not a place for a owner to visit. It is better to send your chauffeur rather than go yourself.

      The facility is very big,it even has a AC room with 10 cots for owner/chauffeurs to take rest and a mini movie hall which plays movies 3 times a day.

      Dealing with toyota service reminds me of chevrolet service , which made me hate service centres. The problem with toyota madurai is it has only one service centre for 4-5 districts and short service interval of 5000kms.

      One doubt is ,
      The bill didnt mention of anything regarding 1000kms check up. It only mentioned alignment was done free of cost. As i was frusturated with the delay i didnt look at he bill. I saw the bill after reaching home . I have to speak to the SA tomorrow about this . Shouldnt something have to be mentioned in the 1000kms bill?
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      This kind of service experience was not expected from Toyota dealership. I have never heard complains from any of my friend who own Toyota cars instead they have always praised about it. I hope they improve on the way they handle their customers.

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