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    Thread: Skoda Octavia VRS 2.0 TSI Ownership Report - Stage 3+ 500HP+ Build Completed.

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      Skoda Octavia VRS 2.0 TSI Ownership Report - Stage 3+ 500HP+ Build Completed.

      VAG group cars have always been FTD (fun to drive). I've always dreamt of having a Skoda/VW car in my garage, but the dealership scares have always kept me away.

      A really bad experiences with Tafe Access nearly a decade ago when I when to book the Octavia VRS MK1 ensured that I never considered another VAG car for my garage. Until now.

      All that changed since my drive in autonut's VW Polo GTI 6 months ago. A 240PS 330Nm monster in a tiny little car, the way it accelerates to triple digit speeds in an insanely short time made my heart skip a few beats and then some...

      I usually am very impulsive with my car purchases, if I like a car, I HAVE to get it without much delay.

      A quick few frantic calls to iraghava, he confirmed that Skoda was definitely going to launch the Octavia VRS with the famed 2.0 TSI engine later in the year. Should I wait for that, with uncertainty was a question I kept asking myself.

      What if Skoda would do a U-Turn and launch it with just a 1.8TSI engine with cosmetic upgrades?

      What if all 499 of the produced Polo GTIs get sold out by then?

      Would Skoda bring in the same trim as in Europe to India? Or would it be severely detuned?

      It was a really tough call! I decided to sit on it for a while and go back to picking up some new Car Audio brands for the time being and see how things pan out by the end of the year. A decision I am very happy, I took.

      Cut short to around a month ago, Skoda launched the press release and slowly the details of the trim of the car coming to India started surfacing amidst heavy speculation.

      In the end Skoda did confirm that they were indeed bringing the 2.0TSI engine along with the DSG variant of the gearbox only for India. That was a huge sigh of relief for me personally. Given how worse Bangalore traffic seems to be getting these days, an AT is the only choice that makes any sense. And if it's going to be an AT, it HAD to be a DSG. Nothing else will do.

      Then the question about whether I need a 3rd car is the question that often kept cropping up at home. It started to become a very sensitive topic with the entire family vehemently against buying a 3rd car, specially when I am the only one who drives at home.

      The final nail in the coffin was the day Nikhil put up the pics of his spanking new Blue Octavia VRS on Facebook. I saw the pics of the car and knew this is what I needed. And since then there has been no looking back. I contacted Nikhil for his take on the car and short while later he convinced me to buy the car from Tafe and that he'd had a good experience with them. Gingerly, I gave the guys at Tafe a call.

      The same day the SA turned up at home with a Skoda Octavia 1.8TSI for a TD and also to collect the booking amount. I took the car for a small spin and was mighty impressed with how stable the car was at high speeds. Composed and in control and an extremely flat chassis balance.

      We came back home, got some paper work done and I paid them an advance with an assurance that the car would be delivered in 12-14 days.

      In the meantime we processed the loan papers and got the approval letter in 4 days. Now the agonising wait for the car began.

      And this is where my experience with Tafe started to take a turn towards a harrowing and a bitter experience.

      The week I was supposed to get the delivery of the car, I called them to ask if a Thursday delivery would be possible. And that is when I get to know for the first time that Tafe had no idea where my car was. And they weren't even sure if Skoda would allot a car to me. I felt extremely agitated, because you don't promise someone a car, take advance and then after 10 days instead of being close to the delivery date, they come back with a response that they have no idea if I will be getting a car.

      A few calls to the higher ups and some stern words from my end, Tafe guys failed to give any written confirmation that the car was booked by them against my name and allotted from Skoda. I completely lost my mind and made a few more calls, clearly expressing my displeasure. And how unprofessional the whole experience was turning out to be. Skoda is manufacturing only 150 of these beautiful machines, so time was of the essence here.

      By the time I did the booking, all the blue and red cars were sold out. So out of the lack of choice, I had to opt for a white car. And getting that also seemed highly unlikely now.

      After a week of frantic discussions with the top brass, daily follow ups I think Tafe guys were literally fed up with me and decided to get a car allotted just to ensure I didn't give them a hard time

      I finally got an E-Mail confirmation that the car would be delivered before the 8th of October. That didn't mean much in any case, but a written confirmation is something I expected I'd get so that I could hold them responsible for.

      Since then, the guys at Tafe stepped up their game and started an open line of communication. They kept informing about the status of the car on a timely basis. In the meantime I got a friend who's got a friend who works for Skoda India. He checked the DMS (Dealer Management System) and assured me that there was a booking for a White VRS against my name and Skoda had approved the allotment and the car was going into manufacturing during the last week of October.

      This weekend, Evolution88, megazoid and thedrive decided to do a trip to Kundapura. We were on our way, when I got a call from Tafe saying the car had arrived late last night and we could come and do a PDI and also perform the puja today. The car would be sent for registration on Tuesday since RTO is closed till then on account of Govt holidays.

      So last evening, my family went to Tafe and did a PDI check and performed the regular rituals. I haven't seen the car yet, but here it is in all it's flesh and glory.

      So the buying experience was a little bitter, but Tafe guys are upping the game now. I've been getting personal updates from someone really high up in the chain informing me about various stages of the car being in production, being Invoiced to Tafe, the day it was shipped from the factory, the last update I got was that the car had arrived and we could come and check the car out and approve it to be sent for registration. A personal call to sincerely thank the staff and apologise for going ballistic on them in the weeks prior to yesterday went out yesterday. Now waiting to get back to Bangalore and get the car registered on Wednesday.

      So, finally, here I am, with the first VAG group car in my garage. I've already ordered some performance parts from APR for the engine and the mods are going to be put in next week once the parts arrive in India. The car won't remain stock for too long. By the end of 1st week, I should be in theory driving the 2.0TSI engine putting out around 336PS and 547Nm torque.

      Incidentally, exactly 6yrs ago, I bought the Cruze on the very same day. And now my garage consists of three beautiful machines:

      1. An insane torque monster in the form of a Cruze that munches highways like no man's business. This car puts a smile on my face everytime I take her out.

      2. The ICE machine in the form of the Ecosport. A car that is beautiful to drive in the city, nimble, easy to park. The ICE upgrade is nearly complete and it's something I am really looking forward to.

      3. The mad Turbo Petrol in the form of the Octavia VRS.

      Incidentally, this is the first time in my life that I went ahead and booked car without a single test drive. In fact, I hadn't even seen the car in flesh until 3 days ago when Nikhil dropped by with his car to pick up the 3D mats.

      Keep watching this space for more.....
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      Many congratulation mclaren1885

      It would be interesting to see what this Octavia transforms into when you will start ****ing it up.

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      Congrats Rahul.. Drive Safe!!

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      Looking forward to the detailed posts on performance mods!

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      Congratulation on the new wheels. Have fun.

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      Quote Originally Posted by mclaren1885 View Post
      By the time I did the booking, all the blue and red cars were sold out. So out of the lack of choice, I had to opt for a white car.
      I saw the picture first and was thinking why not blue ?. Still white is a nice colour. Skoda should have a orange color option.

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      Awesome car! Congrats Rahul

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      Congratulations Rahul! Happy and safe munching miles ahead.

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      Quote Originally Posted by mclaren1885 View Post
      336PS and 547Nm torque
      I love it. Congrats rahuul.
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      Congrats for new car

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