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    Thread: Hello People. am New here and thought of introducing myself.

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      Hello People. am New here and thought of introducing myself.

      Hello All,
      New to this and started with introduction page, Wanted to share one of the problem my friend had and resolution regarding Ford Figo Diesel Fuel Injector. Having read through many links and forums, I understood that Ford Figo Fuel Injector issue is a pain costing time and money.
      Here is what I have done: Symptoms: 1. Car looses power but still runs at slow speed. 2.Engine Check Light starts blinking. 3. Carefully listened to engine firing, it makes a thud/jerk after few revs, which was consistent. 4. Car vibrates
      Cause: Took the car to a mechanic, he doubted fuel filter, got it changed, he also suggested to check diesel, and injector cleaner.
      Steps for resolution: 1. Changed Fuel Filter 2. The mechanic resetted the battery and warning light gone. 3.Filled tank with (rs.1000) diesel and put half bottle of ABRO injector cleaner (rs.275) in it. I already had little more diesel close to half tank before putting this experiment stuff. 3. Drove the car for 100kms. while returning the car was at signal light and started vibrating more and suddenly stopped. Started again and same problem started. somehow took the car to same mechanic and told him that this is surely a fauly 'Injector' problem. He scanned using the tool connecting car system and found that one of the Injector (Cylinder in scan tool) is showing wrong behavior of fuel utilization. Ok now....get the Injector. 4. came home and googled lot of stuff on this. it was surely a faulty injector. very big surprise is non-availability of Injector. Called up ford guys..they only diverted calls and took our number but no callback. Asked what is the price of Injector, we understood that Ford service guys would charge anywhere around 20k, Ford spare parts distributor charged 18 -19k.. that too waiting period of close to a week. 5. Thought of taking it to repair/cleaning/service people, tried couple of them but failed...6. Had to change the Injector and luckily got quickly. got it installed by mechanic and the car started firing proper (normal). 7. emptied the diesel tank fully and refilled with 15 ltrs.. now on test...
      Lessons Learnt: 1. Ford spares are costly 2. Ford spares are not easily available. 3. Doubt ford cars would give up anytime on highways (bad if u r with family). 4. Used (Second-hand) Fuel injector is available but it needs to be checked in machine and then to be used. if money is big concern then one can use them. luckily got one or 2 people who sell used fuel injector that too around 10k.
      Obvious questions: Fuel Injector is one of the fundamental part which should not create any issue till car life. i mean to an extent of 2 lakh kms, if all is done well. secondly many said BAD diesel was used..this was a shock to me, how do other cars don't get this problem when the whole community fills from same petrol pumps..seriously i was not convinced with this point. other manufacturers don't have this issue reported. it might be one in a million..
      The whole exercise was a BIG pain and time consuming. Thank you.

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      sunilpatil Welcome aboard

      Being a fellow Ford owner, can easily fathom the pain your friend would had gone through during this series of events; most unfortunate i would say...

      To add on, it is a well know issue that previous gen Figo suffers from Fuel Injector issues and needless to say, in fact i have personally changed all 4 of them on my car.

      However, having said all this i feel Ford is one of the Best built and most reliable cars around and if taken care properly will run like new for generations to come.

      I have owned 6 Ford cards till date and if someone asks me don't you get bored or why don't you try another brand? i would happily but firmly say 'No' and also add that my next car would be definitely another Ford.

      Note: You might be feeling that i'm a Ford fan boy...well may be.. plus i would say a person who has extensively owned and driven a Ford knows what i'm talking about

      2014 Kawasaki Ninja 300R
      2011 Ford Figo 1.4
      2012 Tvs Wego

      2009 Ford Ikon 1.4 | 2006 Ford Fiesta 1.4 | 2003 Fiat Palio 1.9
      2002 Hero Honda CBZ | 2002 Ford Ikon 1.6 | 1998 Ford Escort 1.8

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