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    Thread: Airbag, Speed alert, Parking Sensor Mandatory in Cars From July 2019

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      Airbag, Speed alert, Parking Sensor Mandatory in Cars From July 2019

      "All cars manufactured after July 1, 2019, will have to be equipped with airbags, seat-belt reminders, alert systems for speeds beyond 80kmph, reverse parking alerts, as well as manual override over the central locking system for emergencies.

      The Union road transport ministry has approved the timeline for the implementation of these systems, and it will be notified in a few days.

      At present, only luxury cars have such features, which are crucial for the safety of occupants. Union road transport minister Nitin Gadkari has approved the move for passenger as well as pedestrian safety on India's roads as thousands of people die in road crashes+ every year. In 2016, speeding+ alone accounted for nearly 74,000 of the 1.51 lakh deaths in road accidents. "The new cars will be fitted with a system that issues audio alerts when the speed crosses 80kmph. The alert will be sharper when the vehicle crosses 100kmph, and non-stop when it's over 120 kmph," said a transport ministry official."

      Speed alert in cars: From 2019, airbag, speed alert, parking sensor must in cars

      IMO the speed limit of 80 km/hr is on downside, 100 km/hr would have been more practical.

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      The speed alert is absurd. Doesn’t make sense. And people will find out a way to disable it.

      And Nithin Gadkari the same person who said roads will be developed to do a comfortable 120kmph says this. Contradicting his own statement.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Jack Sparrow View Post
      IMO the speed limit of 80 km/hr is on downside, 100 km/hr would have been more practical.
      Would it be like a single beep as the car crosses 80kmph. My Linea has this; and it’s just one beep. I too have set it on 80

      Nice reminder for me while driving in city. Doesn’t bother ; unless they plan it to have a continuous beep

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      I read in a an article that it will be low/intermittent 80 - 100 kmph, much more intensive 100 - 120 and continuous above 120.

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