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    Thread: Which Bike? Buying a used Harley Street Bob or Fat Bob a good decision?

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      Quote Originally Posted by speed79 View Post
      I would say buy a scooty for short rides in your neighbourhood. Or better, just buy one bicycle.

      The big bikes generate a lot of heat and are not suitable for running in city traffic. You might feel uncomfortable riding it in summers. And i feel, bikes are too dangerous to be ridden on our streets and highways.
      I appreciate your inputs, and I will be buying a scooty soon anyway since it may be used by my wife, if nobody else, and for those visits to local market for grocery shopping or casual leisure.

      These big bikes generate a lot of heat and I have read this in reviews from other owners. They have to put on an engine guard and some other accessory to resolve this issue. The bikes being air cooled is a huge drawback, since these are expected to have better liquid cooled engines. But I have seen most buyers upgrade their bikes with accessories worth 1-4 lacs depending upon their bike's model and budget. First thing to be changed is stock exhaust, then slip-ons, air filter, spark plugs, engine guards, fuel cap, rear seats, leg guard, foot board, fuel packs, horn, etc. The list is long and every accessory sold by/for HD is crazy expensive.

      The perk of buying a pre-owned HD or any other 1 litre bike is that it will be pre modded with these accessories. Either way there are few other points mentioned by current and previous HD owners which made me re-consider and analyze the decision I almost made about buying a pre-used Harley.

      "You can't buy happiness, but you can buy cars
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      Quote Originally Posted by pushkaraj View Post
      1. Harley at slow speed sucks so i would probably debate about city usage.

      I will second you on this thought. The very reason why I do not find value in hyper sports bikes like Hayabusa, R1, Ninja z1000 or Fireblade 954/999. It will be a superbike with a killer stance and mind boggling exhaust note, and you will be riding and revving it at 20-100 kmpl depending on road/traffic condition. Can not think of taking it for longer rides like Delhi-Manali-Rohtang, etc. Though some people have actually done this and drive these bikes as daily drivers. I need a blend of both worlds, which should be a looker, and yet not a pain to drive on longer rides, and too much power which scares more than it thrills. Getting a bike is more about mood, than requirement, though it will be good to have a 2 wheeler nonetheless, since it is required too (not necessarily a 1 litre bike though)

      2. The cost involved in repair is major -you will feel it overhead for low running , most of the maintenance cost my friend faced did beat my skoda rapid maintenance cost so you should be prepare for that . So things like - man i hardly drove for 500 KM and i am spending XYZ amount will not work.
      I understand that the upkeep and basic services at every service interval is as good as a Volkswagen or Skoda car, 5-7k. And repairs will definitely be on higher side, since spares are definitely high priced. I am okay with the servicing costs every 8k kms, and will have to be more responsible for the prospect damages which may incur unwanted repair costs. That is something one has to live with, else people will still be driving Marutis and premium brands like Mercedes, BMW, Audi, etc will not exist in our country. Now a days I have noticed that even a mediocre buyer has evolved and become brave in owning one of these brands, and they live with their purchases gracefully, while enjoying them. Of course there is always that friend, or news you saw/heard where someone was ripped off due to crazy expense in their car/bike which was outrageous. This happened to me 7-8 years ago when Skoda Laura Laurin & Klement used to be my dream car, and yet I refrained from buying it due to Skoda after sales horror stories. I hope Skoda is doing better now a days, since you own a Skoda [They are lovely cars I must admit, built like a tank, drive like one too].

      "You can't buy happiness, but you can buy cars
      And that's kind of the same thing"

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      I could not go thru the Full chain but as an Owner I have few points.

      1) HD's are not daily bikes except STREET Series which are the only bikes other than Night Rod (Notorious Harley) with a Liquid Cooled Engine.

      2) HD's are similar to RE with respect to refinement again I am not talking about the new 2018 Series which are crazily Modern for HD mindset.

      3) Spares, Parts and Service is almost RE*10 times on an average. But the satisfaction is RE* Infinity

      4) Street as the name says is the best option for you in this case if you want to use your bike daily and for sure you cannot use it for daily chores for sure unless until you are from a Royal Family.

      5) Again STREET, SPORSTERS are like your college wala girlfriends where you explore your sexuality Rideality. Aand as you grow you will want to tie the knot to
      a Softail or DYNA or TOURING series.

      6) So my feedback is as below
      Pick up a Scooty for the daily chores. Believe be nothing is better for a City and Utility Rides.

      Pool in some more money and pick up a bigger bike (DYNA or SOFTAIL) series may be used one, The wait will be worth at this time because the new 2018 Series is revolutionized HD used marked very drastically. More older models will be available is numbers, More availability leads to more competition and reduced prices.
      Picking a bigger bike in one shot will quench your weekend relaxed rides and also also the Big Boy Image.

      7) Yes HD TechLESSnology is not about refinement and mileage and complexity. Its all about a caveman riding a beast. There are far mode techology advance bikes which are far more
      Cheaper and refined. TRIUMPH, BENALI, New RE Upcoming Series etc etc .... But you test ride all of them and then decide

      Now all the above bull shit was my BRAIN ka FEEDBACK

      The below is straight from heart

      What ever budget you have pick a Harley man what ever is available.

      Lookout for a stock bike which will be the cheapest and very difficult to find and then build it as per your character.

      You will know what a Harley is if you hit the Highway. I can easily tell you can keep riding and you will not get bored.

      Looking back you will have an Album in your heart with crazy ass pics and Harley Family. Its an Experience.

      The market is growing and even the owners which has forced to establish independent service centers to avoid Looting from HD. So you can get cheaper but quality service.
      Once you get the hang of the Bike the V-Twin growl is soo addictive that every Rev and every beat it make gives you an Adreline Rush.

      Last but not the least what ever MOD you make on a Harley it will look good or adapts to the MOD which no other bike can.
      BAGGER, CRUIZER, CHOPPER , BOBBER etc etc ........

      So I hope atleast 10% of what I wrote will be read by you and influence your Acquisition..........

      Do let us know what did you BUY
      " LIFE Starts at the END of your Comfort Zone "

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