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    Thread: HOW do you drag?

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      Quote Originally Posted by mclaren1885 View Post
      Happy practicing. Hope you've saved up money for a new clutch
      Might have to buy a new one anyways. Its been 83k kms without even a single clutch trouble so I figure the clutch is going to conk pretty soon. How much is the Exedy OEM replacement?

      and even if we are off by a sec, its still 12.36, pretty good anyways IMO

      Quote Originally Posted by KimiRaikkonen View Post
      May be make a youtube video using that while showing tachometer so other dzire petrol user can comment and compare lol. Also weight matters so you can get slightly better time without having 2 people in car.
      Well I will have to make mounts for the phone then for the next vid. No, no youtube for now. Will get you the zip files though. Next video will not be soon, I need to get the technique down perfectly.

      Celebrating the thrill of driving, one dent at a time

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      Have you checked some youtube videos ? One video claims some 11sec in diesel dzire and some in comment also said he has done 10.8 in petrol. I do not believe him lol. Little surprised by the times but none of them is done professionally so difficult to say if these are accurate or not

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      Omae wa shindeiru
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      I did tested 0-100 in my Ciaz Diesel, it takes around 11 seconds to reach 100 but i feel like it can do more fast maybe in 10seconds as i am just new to driving let alone drag race XD.
      Also i revv the car till around 3000+ rpm in standstill and takes clutch off instantly ( The wheelspin is amazing lol although only for like half or quarter a sec) the tyre are stock Apollo Alnac 4G (195/55/r16) great grippy tyres, and then well as the 1st gear tops out at near around 40kph and shift the gear into 2nd (instant clutch press&depress) and 2nd gear hits speed of 80kph and shift again to 3rd to reach 100 speed. 3rd pulls till 120/125ish
      btw i don't if something is wrong with my car the Engine revvs till 5300RPM( redline is from 5000rpms to 6000rpm) and maybe can revv more in redline.
      all this was done on active road so had to be carefull all time eating maybe somemore time to shift gear couldn't find any open nice roads.

      btw i don't do 0-100 now kind of waste fuel+damage to clutch+damages tyre+ one mistake can be deadly.

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