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    Thread: VW brakes made in India

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      VW brakes made in India

      Yesterday I was at the VW dealer and we started to talk about spare parts for the VW and the guy told me that quite often he sees that the brake pads are made in India. They have no complains about bad brakes. In all the new car tests, I have never read about bad brakes on any car.
      Its about time to have some faith in Indian made products.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Indian View Post
      Its about time to have some faith in Indian made products.
      Factories here manafacture two qualities, one for local and other for export.

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      Well, to say my first set of rotors were out in less than 10k kms. Had them changed in my first service.

      The second set apparently is running good till date. And IIRC the second set box mentioned it was Made in India.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Indian View Post
      Its about time to have some faith in Indian made products.
      Well made in India products are good depending upon what you opt for. The company that provides Brakes for Swift i.e. the MGP (Maruti Genuine Parts) parts cost around 1600 Rs a set. However the same company which manufactures the same brakes but are not MGP certified cost approx 750 Rs.The MGP brakes last 40K km but the non MGP lasts just 10 to 15K. I don't go for anything other than MGP for my car and am 100% happy.

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