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    Thread: Elantra CRDI Long Term Ownership review

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      Elantra CRDI Long Term Ownership review

      Hi, folks,

      I am a new member. Even though I visit forum to find resolutions for my car issues and reviews, was never active on any car community. Recently I have been thinking about posting an ownership thread about my Elantra CRDI, because the car really deserves it.

      I started my journey with Ikon 1.6 , a true drivers car. So fun to drive even by today’s standard I must say. After couple of years it started giving too many niggling issues and broke down on me twice, even after maintaining it really well. So I sold the car after using it for 6 years.

      In 2006, I started travelling a lot, Bangalore to Kerala at least once a month at times twice. This demanded a diesel car. Back then choices were limited, after limiting it down to 3 cars. Octavia, Optra, Elantra. Despite many saying no to this car, I went ahead and bought the car and one of the best decisions I have taken when it comes to purchasing cars.

      So there began our journey…

      If one thing this car is made for, it is the highways. Super flat and planted on the ground. Suspension is very stiff, which makes slow speed ride not so great, but with speed increase you enjoy the ride. Most of the time I drive alone and I never felt too tired at any point. Car comes with ABS, EBD, 4 wheel disks, two air bags, which was pretty good for a 2006 car. Breaking of the car is amazing, par with some of the German high end cars (now age has taken its toll, still never gave me shrivels).
      Car has got good space, AC is very effective, it has got climate control, I keep it at 22 all the time with blower speed 2, which is enough even for Kerala hot climate.
      This engine was not designed by Hyundai but it bought from Detroit Diesel. CRDI engine is very rev happy. Tall gearing makes it very relaxed on highways. Very good build, can take any amount of abuse and yet remains rattle free.

      Some things I did not like about the car was, steering feel spoils otherwise quite involving drive, though its weighs up adequately at speed. Low seating not comfortable for some people, ingress and egress could be an issue to older people.

      This was our primary car till 2014, when we decided to buy the Octavia and Elantra was getting old and showing its age. After Octi started doing the duties, Elantra was taking rest and was not using much, still I made sure the car is in perfect mechanical condition.

      Till last year end, things were fine with Octi and it started showing its true color. Issues started at 4th year itself. Because of extended warranty, I have been managing. Due to the issue Octi have, Elantra became primary ride again.

      So far the ownership has been hassle free without any major dramas. Vehicle is at almost 4 lakh kilometer now, performance and FE is still at very acceptable range. Last year, I was planning to sell the car, but ridiculous resale value put me off. Since it sold in very less number, difficult to source parts now and it has become expensive also. But if you want, you will still get even small parts without any issue, but some parts require waiting period, some you get with in two days. But never like "Never ending" waiting period Skoda offers.

      Since it has served us brilliantly over the years and if I sell it there is high chance who ever buying it won’t or won’t be able to take care of it because of the expense parts, I decided to keep the Elantra and sell the Octi before extended warranty expires and buy a new car.
      Will be restoring the Elantra this year, new suspension, maybe clutch job, need to check the condition, it feels fine now, new EGR on the way, will keep it in pristine condition.

      A true underdog, one whose glory was sung after demise.
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      Wow, that is lot of distance you have covered in 12yrs.

      I am not sure resale make too much sense after 5yrs or 50K. It has served you well What were the big expenses you did over the 12yrs in servicing your car ?

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      Other than periodic maintenance and normal wear and tear there no dramas. Suspension overhaul has done 3 times, timing belt 3 times, every 1 lakh, all the pipes have been checked and fixed if required changing. Tires come up to 50K minimum, running on Michelin now. Then the usual ERG cleaning, inter cooler cleaning, CAT con cleaning whenever is required. Clutch has done only twice so far, I can feel it needs to be changed soon, but it will still run for another 20K for sure. After its done 2lakh, I change oil at 5-8K interval, along with all filters.

      Complete break overhaul was done once, don't remember the what mileage it was on. AC cooling coil changed twice. On an average I will spent about 15K yearly on service and maintenance. Till 2014, it was really cheap to maintain, parts were cheap too. Now parts have become expensive and depending on what it is, I source it locally at times. Considering what I spend on my Octavia, this car is still cheap to maintain
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