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    Thread: Remapping TDCI: what can we lose for the gains

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      georjo I do not want to highjack this thread but i want to alert you theFordster about K&N.

      K&N specifically says that one gets a boost of around xx HP if they fit a K&N. I've seen this on some of their filters. They call them "high-flow" filters. My concern is the following:

      A filter is made up of a semi porous membrane that has small holes to let the air in while the part that does not have the hole blocks the dust particles or whatever.

      If its a high flow filter, the volume and/or velocity of the air flowing into those holes has to be higher. How is this achieved? By making the holes larger. Now. If the holes are larger, at least in India what happens? More dust and pollution and soot enters the system. This defeats the original idea of what a filter was supposed to do in the first place. So, over long term, your engine sucks in more of the stuff it shouldn't.

      In countries where the air is cleaner (think, California) K&N will probably work. Not in dusty environments like our Indian cities.

      I'm just sharing what i think is logically wrong with this high flow funda.

      i have a similar line of thinking about Cold Air intakes. But that could be a different thread.
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      Have you ever held a K&N filter in your hand, pointed it up towards the sun and seen? The pores are so tiny, that dust particles won't go through into your engine. The air filter element also has tiny hair like strands to attract dust particles.

      The only thing you need to worry with a K&N is not over oiling the filter.

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