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    Thread: Old Maruti zen left side drive shaft noise and other issues

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      Old Maruti zen left side drive shaft noise and other issues

      I have a 2005 model Maruti zen (old one). 3-4 months back I had an issue with the clutch plates (basically was not getting much power from the engine) and I had to replace the clutch plates and it costed me around 7k.

      From the 1-2 of months i started noticing a tuck tuck noise in the left side and visited suraksha care care. He said that shaft of left side shaft is having issues and better replace it. It will cost some 5k for complete works. My car A/C compressor also stopped working in the past 15-20 days. This also happened after this clutch plate change was done. Before this clutch plate change really not much issues were there in the car and it was working good.

      My doubt is that if because of this clutch plate change I am getting this issue of left shaft and compressor going bust? Or is it just that car is getting old? Or it is because that I may have driven the care with bad clutch for some time because of which other parts are getting affected.

      It is time to change the car?

      Thanks in advance for your replies,

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      Left outer CV joint worn. It is possible that it happened when they changed the clutch and forced it in when something got stuck. They might have torn the rubber boot and did not tell you. It is very easy to damage the rubber boot when dismantling and refitting.

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