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    Thread: ESCORTS YAMAHA RX100 Factory Paint Details Needed ?

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      Post ESCORTS YAMAHA RX100 Factory Paint Details Needed ?

      I recently acquired a 1987 ESCORTS YAMAHA RX100. The person from whom I bought the bike from is the first owner. Due to 0% Maintenance done by him year after year the bike is now in very poor condition but it is still running. The cosmetics of the bike is totally gone too. Someone had hand painted it orange. But the first owner gave a picture of the bike when it came from showroom and the bike came with blue colour from factory.

      As much I remember at that period of time Escorts Yamaha colour scheme were :-

      1. MAXI MAROON with Golden Striping : Colour Code - 00U8

      2. BLACK GOLD with Golden Striping :- Colour Code - 00H9

      3. ADRIATIC CANDY BLUE with Silver Striping :- Colour Code - 009V

      4. SILVER with Blue Striping :- Colour Code - 0035

      5. VIVID RED COCKTAIL 7 with No Striping : Colour Code - 0580

      6. WHITE with No Striping : Colour Code - 0360 (This one I have heard but didn't know properly)

      Does anyone knows the full colour code of the ADRIATIC CANDY BLUE, The paint brand that ESCORT YAMAHA use at that period of time & Type of paint they use ?

      I want to Restored the bike as much as in Original Form like when it came it from factory.

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      Find the color code of your Yamaha Motorcycle

      Search this link. Should sort your paint query.

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