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    Thread: Five Speed Gearbox vs Six Speed Gearbox

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      Five Speed Gearbox vs Six Speed Gearbox

      In the past few years, many manufactures have started to offer six speed gearboxes in the cars. I have driven cars with both the gearboxes and have observed the following things:


      • Tall Gearing which results in lesser gear changes and better to drive in city
      • Conventional and thus fool proof.
      • Better on highways. Imagine yourself cruising at 100kmph and you encounter a slow moving vehicle in your lane. By the time you get a chance to overtake, the speed comes down to 60kmph. In this case, if you are driving a five speed unit, there is no need to downshift but in a case of six speed unit, you are forced to downshift. Thus five speed provides ease of driving.


      • The engines moves at higher rpm when compared with six speed units.
      • The NVH levels can be on the higher side.
      • Fuel efficiency can be compromised


      I was always fascinated about six speed gearboxes before I drove a car with six gears. To my disappointment, these gearboxes are not so practical.

      • Fuel Efficient
      • Lower NVH
      • Engine is relaxed at high speeds
      • Provides faster acceleration


      • Requires high no. of gear changes
      • Not everyone is comfortable with these
      • Can only be used with powerful engines

      I am a no expert in talking about the technical details and these are the observations which I made. Does everyone feel the same or I am a thinking a little different from the mass crowd?

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      I wish my car had 6 speed MT. It would definitely help in better gear ratio. My car first 2 gears are pretty crap and have the limiter. I do not know why everyone these days are going for automatic. May be they drive a lot in traffic. Personally I hope they keep making MT cars. I have driven HC diesel which has 6 gear which I thought is very useful because it helps keeping revs low and still maintain good speed, make less noise. It has amazing driveability but it does not like to rev up unlike petrol car.

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      Quote Originally Posted by oilburner View Post
      Requires high no. of gear changes
      Not everyone is comfortable with these
      Can only be used with powerful engines
      As most of my driving is on the motorway I would like to have a sixth gear but is it worth paying 2,500 euros to rebuild my gearbox? Not

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      I always feel that 6 speed MT is useful. I am missing that in my car. Have driven 6 speed oil burner and felt WoWed by it.
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