Hi All,
I have been getting a fuel economy of 10KMPL for my thar. And that too mostly on highways. Many of my fellow Tharians are getting upto 14kmpl. It could be because of my vehicle mods. Im listing down those and any help is appreciated
  1. Maxiss 245/75/16 bighorn
  2. Steel Rims
  3. free flow exhaust with catcon removed -

I suspect #3 , I know removing catcon will reduce the kmpl but is >3kmpl justifiable with removal of catcon. This mod was done by the exowner. I dont think there was any tuning done for the vehicle. I also feel a little under powered.

One of my friend suggested a compression test, I have not done it though.

NB: I have the stock exhaust and want to install it back on the vehicle. The ASC said, I need to get a catcon(ex owner had lost it). ASC quoted some 25k for the catcon kit . Im trying to source a used catcon but have not found one yet. Does any other vehicle's catcon fit for thar?