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    Thread: Bangalore to Chennai route and pitstop info

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      Returned last night from Kanchipuram after a successful trip We managed to have a successful darshan of Athi Varadhar in about 2 hours as we had 2 senior citizens with us and they allowed us in that queue. The queue for senior citizens starts right from the East Gopuram entrance itself, so if you are having them in your group, go directly to the entrance and the cops will direct accordingly. The cops further from the entrance dont seem to know though about this. Crazy crowds, unbelievable. Easily taking 8 hours minimum, so unless you book the special entrance queue or have senior citizens with you, pls dont attempt this until you are faithful enough to brave the crowds. We had 4 people passing away the previous day unfortunately, so there seem to be some improvements. Water is being offered at few points and also the cops inside quickly react to any medical issues. We had a lady faint nearby, and the cops were there in a flash and helping out. But, though a few of them are rude, they really seem to be overworked.

      The town is so overcrowded everywhere, the administration and the town itself is not prepared and overwhelmed. People are arriving in busloads eveywhere. Now they have started standing in the queue the previous night itself and spending the entire night in the queue and getting Darshan in the morning when they open.

      Roads after Vellore are so bad, potholes in the highway Seems cops were checking outstation vehicles and blocking them from entering the town and forcing them to the parking lots. Luckily Google baba directed us thro the bypass and an interior road right to the hotel
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      Quote Originally Posted by KRRaj View Post
      Seems cops were checking outstation vehicles
      That seems odd. Is there something special going on there? Why such a rush all of a sudden?

      I have been to kanchi many times and have never experienced such crowds. But I have never gone inside any of the temples if I see queues as I just move on to the next one as there is plenty to see in Kanchi.

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      Quote Originally Posted by WildWeasel View Post
      Is there something special going on there? Why such a rush all of a sudden?
      You should read some local news da WildWeasel. Due to media hype and gush load of faith in so called deity "Athi Varadhar" who used to give darshan 40 years once, the whole town of Kanchi is in Chaos.

      The entire crowd is eager to see what so special and get his blessings as he will be available only for 40 days and he'll be back to hibernation and will come back only after another 40 years which majority of the crowd may not be able to witness.

      Add to that the usual poor plannings, worst crowd management, old age people, lack of water, every one flooding in their own cars, buses and vans, parking woes and what not...

      All are the reason for this mess in Kanchi. What you would've seen or witnessed is on a normal where only the regular flock of bhakths will be there. This is a event of the century

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