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    Thread: Sudden deacceleration - Ford Classic diesel

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      not aware that he can set his status here!

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      Sudden deacceleration - Ford Classic diesel

      Hi All

      I have a 2014 Ford Classic diesel which is driven some 52000 KMs. I am facing the below issue with it - the car suddenly stops accelerating while driving. If I change gears, I get 2-3 secs of acceleration before having to change the gears again to get another 2-3 secs and so on. Restarting the engine gives a few secs/mins of accelearation before the problem recurs. On releasing the clutch while this problem is happening, the car makes a lot of noise (thats also an indicator that the problem is about to start). The car was serviced 1.5 months back (after one year). It happens randomly and is difficult to demonstrate. I had it checked once and the problem did not occur so the inspection was inconclusive. Do let me know if you have any pointers to it.

      Thank you.

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      not aware that he can set his status here!

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      1.check any leak in vacum lines.
      2.Test that turbo wastegate/VGT vanes are not sticking.
      3. Check intercooler/Turbo hoses.

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      I am surprised that engine check light is not showing up.
      I had 80% similar symptoms when a hose pipe connecting to the valve was leaking.
      Run a diagnostic. If no problem found, check the hose connections.
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      not aware that he can set his status here!

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      Sudden deacceleration - Ford Classic diesel

      Thank you. I have had this checked by another garage and they drove some 40 KMs in city but could not find any problems with the car. Unfortunately I did not check the dashboard lights when this happens, will check it next time this happens. Will ask them to see if they checked the points mentioned by you.

      One question, could this be because of my driving style - I pull the driving seat a little further back then most people usually do. Could it be causing issues with the clutch plate ?

      Thank you.

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