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    Thread: Daewoo matiz SE, 1999: My wonder car (Mysterious coolant loss!!!)

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      Well Nagesh...you really touched my heart. I can feel the emotions, pain, happiness, love and affection in your text. Surely Matiz is wonderful car, am still using it and its going strong. The key is good mechanic who knows what he is doing which has to be as per service manual. I do all repair work on my matiz myself. Now coming on to your point, Had I been in your place I would not have sold the car and bike...I have emotions attached to vehicles. Two things- ONE- new generation vehicles are very different from old generation vehicles, older vehicles one can restore them even after 40-50 years....new generation vehicles though much more technically superior its difficult to restore due to non availability of quality spares. Luckily all spares are available for Matiz as of now...and quality parts are available in UK which can be bought online. It all depends how much money one can invest(including parking space) TWO- New motor vehicle Act getting into place specially re registration of cars older than 15 years is getting expensive. So honestly I am in not a very good position to give you much advise. I have a few old vintage Jeep and bikes and I know how I have to struggle to not only keep them in running condition but also paper work. It takes a lot to own old vehicles, but heart always wins!
      If u need any help regarding spares and maintenance of Matiz do let me know I will guide you in totality, don't go to local mechanics they know nothing about Matiz. God bless Nagesh!!

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      Quote Originally Posted by vehfreak View Post
      If this is a common problem, you can get a new plate powder coated on both sides. Or better still get one made in stainless steel.

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      Ooooops...I forgot to update this thread...just don't know how and why....so sorry....will update the thread today. Just to inform that all works planned done...and car became just too good....will post pics and writeup today.

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      Is this thread dead ? Is the Matiz still running ji ? Issues fixed ?
      Power,Love,Respect !!

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