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    Thread: Best side steps for XUV5OO?

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      Best side steps for XUV5OO?

      Morning Gents,

      I am in dilemma. I want to install side steps for my XUV however I want GC to be impacted in minimalist way.

      The running board / side step has following reasons to be there. Order as per their importance.

      1. Front tyre blow lot of stone chips and tar marks and they directly hit rear fender and doors.
      2. While taking turns, if vehicle hits side, it would be side steps which will take the hit, not doors.
      3. For easy ingress of elderly people.

      I've two types of side steps in mind. Can you please let me know which one you have installed and why? Did your side step hit the bump or ground ever?

      Type A - This looks most amazing. Fulfill all purposes but I am afraid about it hitting ground on uneven roads.

      Type B - Iron bar type. Does not serve the purpose #3 well but position is slightly higher than type A.

      Thanks for your help in advance

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      I've the Iron bar type. Unlike you think, I've never managed to scrap even the most monstrous speed breakers in our country roads. My parents both aged above 60 comfortably climb inside the vehicle using the steps. Only gripe is the plastic mounts have lost couple of screws and dangling a bit. The mounting screws are traditional metal screws and got rusty after 6 years now. Point 1 doesn't happen to my XuV atleast. The front wheel mud flaps does a decent job in preventing them from happening. Point 2 yes will happen when you're not careful and dangerously driving close to a road shoulder or step in your house. As I said earlier never ever had hit my side step on any occasion till date.

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