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    Thread: Dedicated hood liner?

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      Dedicated hood liner?

      Hello guys.
      As the tittle says, I am looking to tame diesel clatter of my w124 at ideal(to make it less audible both inside and outside close to car) atleast as much as I can. Now the original sound deadner is almost gone
      Click image for larger version. 

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      Also its some foam based material so I am not in favour of going for new one of same type for engine bay.

      So I was advised dampmat but it does not have a dedicated hood liner plus now the current dealer(since Monty paaji is not present currently) of dampat is quite busy. So no good lead in that side.

      Another option was STP dedicated hood liner but again no idea who looks after STP in India now. All the person I knew assosiated with STP no more deals in it or dont reply. Tried contacting on their fb page but no response.

      The goal is to go for a dedicated hood liner as it does not have carpet cover like the modern car. So cant really just place regular damping sheets behind it and be done.

      Now about dynamat etc stuff no idea where to get them.

      So guys help me out in right direction.

      Headlight Setup-Custom Rx350(Low beam converted to bixenon) Projector, Sti-r lens, J-Slope Prism tail Cutoff, Custom Painted Headlight(Moonlight Silver, Black And Chrome), Panamera 4 point DRL, DLT f5.
      5000k @55w.

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      Have you tried hoodliner, any positive feedback on that , planning to install from STP.

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      not aware that he can set his status here!

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      Can you buy OEM hoodliner from a Larger car, Say a Safari and Adapt/cut it to your size?

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      Are you sure the clatter does not come from the vacuum pump or worn timing chain? What is the mileage of the engine?

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