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    Thread: India GDP is growing @ 7%, then why Auto Industry is slowing down ?

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      I think it's more interesting that the truck manufacturers are cutting production. Truck sales tell a more real picture of the economy than any other data point. After all, 90% of Indians do not own a vehicle. Commercial activity is slowing down, government needs to come up with innovative ideas. Or they could just keep hiking government employee salaries as before.

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      What slow down !!!

      Maruti Diesel Cars: Marutis diesel models going out with a bang ahead of BS-VI launch

      Also Activa BS 6 sales are at all time high which was launched just a month back.

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      Apple price cuts and online sales beat economic slowdown in India - Businessinsider India on Mobile. Rich are getting richer? Slowdown or no slowdown.

      The dairy industry is probably in the midst of switching from cows to buffaloes. That must be sucking out a lot of the disposable income in the villages.
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