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    Thread: Affordable premium commuter- Yamaha FZ25

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      ironically a remapped tdi is
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      Red face Affordable premium commuter- Yamaha FZ25

      I had sold my D390 back in 2017 which was bought in 2013. Returning from outside I wanted to treat biking itch at first. As most, I had wanted a sports bike, but I have always felt a proper middle weight is enough for Indian roads than a litre class.
      D790 was tempting but did not want to proceed since I knew what KTM character is. And this big bike was going to be a keeper. So I had chosen triumph Street triple RS. But sadly 2 things keep me from taking it. One that next year bs6 was being made mandatory and my family was against keeping such costly bike when I'm not at home.

      Since bigger bike was not being taken and I had to do something for the itch and highway-city runs. I thought anyway, a commuter bike is needed in stable as sports bike cannot be used for commuting since it proves to be a loss and not enjoyable.
      Now the hunt started for a commuter bike. To me a commuter bike should be naked, refined, undying, relaxed, comfortable, linear acceleration with good low and mid end. Gov could have made dual abs mandatory, as now manufacturers are giving only single channel abs which does not serve the purpose in my opinion. Safety being foremost I wanted a commuter which has max safety features, dual channel abs at the least. Honda shine, I always liked its smooth refined engine, but no dual abs. Sigh....

      Even in 150-200 cc category it was a sad choice, with dual abs being rare. Neither i could choose bajaj or tvs for they are not the best in refinement when compared with japs. Hence new D390 was looked in used market and 2018 model was targeted with a budget of 2 lakh, but even that hunt failed. The new honda cb300r is a great bike but has a waiting for months and retails above 3 lakh.

      Now the set rule is that a commuter shouldn't cost more than 2 lakh OTR. We have premium commuter from Kawasaki as Z 250, but without abs. I had searched in used market and abs version isn't yet launched in India. And then FZ25 seems to be a relevant bike.
      At first sight nothing eye catchy, seems muscular coz of the protruding plastic panels. On paper nothing thrilling either. But yeah, 20 NM at 6000 revs with a weight of 148 kg. That's cool, I thought. Now the hunt for a good showroom starts. It's a plight, though to my luck I found a great salesman from a small showroom. He easily understood that I'm an informed customer and billing has to be as per rules with no hidden charges.
      I took a TD and felt this is what I had been searching for. A butter smooth refined engine which easily keep 80-100 kmph and can deliver above 40 kmpl. It doesn't pull attention in any way but does have a deep bass exhaust which feels like a 400-500 cc. This is a 250 cc bike which competes with 150-200 cc bikes. Funny ah!!

      It was also found that this is the cheapest and lightest 250 cc bike in India. I was sold off, truly. Only the upcoming Suzuki Gixxer 250 can be expected to compete head on with this, though reports suggest pricing above FZ25. You tube videos and reviews on this bike reassured me.
      I wanted a bike straight from the truck and not from any showrooms which had for displays. To my luck that evening a new lot was being unloaded, and I give my booking for matte black. Being a detailing enthusiast I chose matte, yeah...Yamaha messed up colours in 2019. No full gloss black.
      Next morning I rush to the main dealer who stocks for other smaller dealers in other towns. And I select a piece which was wrapped in bubble covers. Now registration is done via vahaan software which dealers say is not friendly and often mistakes happen. They used this reason to make me take their insurance which was 3000 costlier. B2B nil depreciation for 5 years costs 13000 from United while it was 16000 for Oriental which was given from showroom, which had cashless benefit too. So ex showroom, tax, TP and insurance came at 1.65 lakh. I'm yet to get number plate as now dealers provide with rivet.

      I?m putting my review as of 500 Kms. Throttle play is good and clutch is feather light. It would take sometime for me to adjust from a very heavy clutch of D390. Beyond 60 bike asks for 6th gear as this is a 250 cc in a 150 cc clothing. This proves that this bike is not a highway mile muncher. Guess the cheapest mile muncher in this bracket is D390 and CB 300R. This does not mean that FZ25 cannot perform on highways, it surely does and can cruise at 100 with ease. In other words, this bike cannot close the gaps fast with lesser effort. In cities this outshines almost every bike under 2 lakh even the mass commuters. On broken roads this isn't the most comfortable like the smaller commuters and if compared with D390, the seats are very large especially for pillion. But suspension is better on D390 with another 1.5 lakh. My pillion rider would choose FZ25 seats and D390 suspension. So I think the rear suspension should be adjusted for max comfort as this bike isn't a corner carving machine either.

      Front suspension seems to be better than rear. The stock tyres are just commuter tyres, hence I sold them on OLX and got Michelin pilot street radial. Pilot street is familiar to me as that is a vfm tyre for D390. Reviews say MRF masseter are good with a difference of 2000 per tyre from pilot street. Mrf masseter are not radial tyres while pilot street is. Moreover, stock size tyres match the bike?s capability and there is hardly a need for upsize to 150 section Metzeler or pirelli.

      This bike delivers 40 kmpl with ease and above if judicious. Well, 5th gear at 30-35 kmph is so relaxing, literally. That too from a 250cc bike. On a D390 I had to worry of being in 65-70 region for using top gear even though roads didn't allow. Now FZ25 behaves like a 125-150 cc in low speeds and the super upright position helps.

      Yamaha has done a lot of cost cutting for this product. The fit and finish is better than D390 but still lacks perfection. There are irregular panel gaps. The speedometer is almost useless. They could have at least placed it higher which was easy. The pass switch is integrated but we are used to a dedicated one. Only headlamps are LED and that too not a wide beam, more like a focused one.Speedometer doesnt show the needed info until we take eyes and hands to press tiny button. Mirrors do the job but not 100% satisfactory, they do stay inside handle bars. I have to try to adjust them and see. Indicators won't break easily upon twist or small hits.

      So to sum up, FZ25 isn't a performance or cornering or mileage oriented bike, but a powerful commuter which definitely is reliable. Calm touring with softer suspension setting and better tyres is its game.

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      Why do people post I want the best for my car... When there isn't anything that is the best on the car to begin with.

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      Great Review there and that Black Matte looks awesome. Keep the thread updated as you munch the miles
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