In end of December 2018 my brother got used Honda Amaze 1.2 S MT iVtec April 2015 Model from Trubil.
Now that he has learned to drive properly wants to upgrade the Stock ICE & get Navigation support [Android Auto] along with Parking Camera & Sensors.

Budget : Under 30000 INR

Following are the requirements...

Car Make: Honda Amaze 1.2 S MT iVtec April 2015 Model

: Mumbai [Western Suburb- Borivali]

Genre Preference
: Electronic/Club/Trance[occasionally] & Bollywood/Regional/ Devotional/ Old melodies [Frequently]
Sound Signature Preference is somewhat Warm & Smooth [I will translate this as neutral sided with slight overall warmth, clear vocals & not so piercing highs]

Your intended goal
: Vocal centric setup with more focus to midrange with slight overall warmth.

Equipment needed


1 pair of components which are easy to drive using head unit + 1 pair of co-axials [Highest possible size of speakers]

We need to retain cars original internal looks so speakers will be placed strictly into provided stock placement. Searching through online I found out that 6.5 inch components[may be shallow mount] can be fitted inside front doors without tampering. Problem is with rear speaker placement as the stock tray can only hold 4 inch speakers as there are 2 small rod passing under which supports the boot door. Read on some forum that shallow mount 5.25 inch speakers may fit.


2 din touchscreen with Navigation support, Wireless/Air mirroring or wired mirroring for android phones only, Bluetooth, parking camera/sensor assist support with guidelines, calls & messaging support (built in mic preferred), steering remote support, charging of phone when connected, etc etc other basic features which I may have missed. Sorry for my ignorance as I have no idea about new headunits.

smooth capacitive touch screen preferred if around 18k or can settle with clear resistive display with good touch . I am not aware of Android Auto benefits so please elaborate for me. Is Android auto really useful for me or I should save some money & go with others which will fulfill our requirements.

Suggest some VFM units? Read that Pioneer low & mid range are not so good, kenwood android auto may be over my budget but may consider JVC KW-M740BT with clear resistive displayas suggested by forum member @piyush7243
In similar budget on amazon have found Blaupunkt Monte Carlo 750 & Newyork model which have capacitive touch display.

Camera & sensor for parking assist
Not sure if it comes with headunit.Need quality sensors & cameras for parking assist support which can be connected to selected Headunit for viewing.

Any other specific requirement:

Need OE looks as mentioned earlier without any tampering. Can accommodate tweeter on dash.

Presently stock setup is decently loud for us so may not go with Amplifier upfront but can think of it in future if really required to get the juice out of speakers. Will prefer speakers which can run well using headunit only.
Subwoofer strictly no no so suggest speakers which will have bass enough for our taste/music preference.

Car is driven on weekends only so do want to go overboard & if some new Technology in Headunit is coming or prices going to crash in next few months then can wait till October also for HU. Will be getting Speakers only after proper inspection of doors for any leakage inside. Car had done 53k on odometer when my brother got it & presently its around 54600 so we are planning to get it thoroughly checked from Solitare Honda in Borivali east for our satisfaction.

Valuable suggestions& Guidance welcome.
Attaching images of boot tray for you to get idea about space.
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