1. Very clean and neutral SQ. Uses the same circuitry and components from Focal's Performance range FD amplifiers.
2. Compact and can be tucked behind the dash for a stealth install.
3. Can be run in the following configurations:
  1. 4 channel (4 x 55w rms @ 4 Ohms) - Drive your front and rear passive components or a set of 2-way fully active drivers.
  2. 3 channel (2 x 55w rms and 1 x 160w rms @ 4 Ohms) - Drive your front passive components and a sub
  3. 2 channel (2 x 160w @ 4 Ohms)
  4. 0 to 180 degree variable phase adjustment

4. Supports speaker-line as well as low-level (RCA) inputs. Comes with harness.

Condition: Barely used for 1.5 months.
Asking price: Bought for 30k. Selling for Rs. 25,000/-
Whatsapp: 9841574664

Bought 2 of these and used in a 4-way fully active setup. Have simplified the setup to a 2 way passive front. I have 1 piece lying unused.

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