Putting up for sale my Skoda Rapid Ultima Elegance 1.6TDI CR.

Pristine condition, very well looked after. All services done on time, at Skoda service center. Air and pollen filters have been replaced every 5000 kms.

Complete log book for fueling, service and accessories available on request.

All preventive maintenance done on time. The car has CN lights HED lights as low beams and philips xtreme vision bulbs as high beams.

The car also has an audiophile grade two way active audio system with stock head unit installed. The audio system can be a part of the deal.

The tyres were replaced at 110000 kms.

The car has never been abused and never revved beyond 3200 rpms.

The car is available at South City-2, Gurgaon. Contact at 9891994613.

Asking price 4,50,000/-, little negotiable.

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