Hi All

I have a new Creta which comes with 4 Speakers, 2 Tweeters and a touchscreen HU which also has the GPS functionality which is controlled by steering mounted buttons.
Sound quality is really average and the Bass, Non existent...
Objective: Improve Sound quality & add bass & get a surround sound effect if possible without changing the HU
I visited a famous shop called Motorsound in Mulund - Mumbai and was offered the following advice
- Add a set of Vibe Component Speakers to the front
- Add a set of Vibe Co-Axial speakers to the rear
- Add a Vibe Hi Low Converter
- Add a Vibe 4 Channel Amp
- Add a Hamaan under seat bass unit
- Add sound dampners
- Change the Wiring to support the above
Cost Approx 40K

My Query:
1. Will this really give the desired results
2. Is this the right cost estimate
3. I read online that adding a DSP unit instead of Hi Low Converter is better...Is it so and if yes what will be better and how much would it cost and any suggestion for the unit
4. Any other brand or models that i should use instead of Vibe as suggested by the store guy
5. Any other solution to this problem

Thanks & Regards
Srinivasan Iyer