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    Thread: Battery drain from my OBD tracker ?

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      Battery drain from my OBD tracker ?

      follow up from a recent post which i had posted 1 month ago ,i had bought a GPS tracker from https://vamosys.com/gv05/ ,i had no issues for one month ,but suddenly then i started to face very bad battery drain my car wouldn't start ,then i had suspensions on the GPS tracker ,because they promised me that i wouldn't face any battery drain issues ,i then even removed my GPS tracker and still i had battery draining like water , i have maruti suzuki baleno 2017 version ,i couldn't find the cause yet ,i would like to get some recommendations from you guys thank you .

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      first check the battery health checked, battery shop can check the acid level and tell you.
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      not aware that he can set his status here!

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      It's probably the battery or it's the rains. Getting into a car in heavy rain with a wet umbrella and not keeping the umbrella in the door side pocket and all the other small things does funny things to after market electrical accessories in cars. Usually after rains you see lots of the one eyed cars at night. And of course the breakdown vans of various car companies at the office parking lots and on roads.

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