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    Thread: Good Small Handling mods?

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      Good Small Handling mods?

      As you peeps know, I have a 2010 Swift Dzire K12, and I love the car.

      I don't want many power related mods to the car, because there isn't much of a point to add power when I can barely use it most of the time. I would draw the line at breathing mods with a remap (if really necessary) and call it a day. Just a sharper throttle response would be enough, so that I can use all of the engine and not impale the car on a tree.

      But as far as handling is concerned, this car is a true gem. The steering feels really nice, it grips well too, despite being so softly sprung. The body roll is a slight concern. Because a hard driving session made me car sick XD.

      So the small mods I had in mind were:

      Steel braided brake lines: Sharper brake response, also slightly stronger braking. I could use that.

      Stiffer anti-roll bars: this will reduce roll, without having to make gigantic suspension mods like springs and dampers. I need roll, it gives a nice feedback and telegraphs the car's behaviour nicely. But too much roll is just, ugh.

      The bigger mods were just a set of alloys (something 2nd hand, and still 14 inch) and some grippy 185 section tires. Something like 185/70 R14.

      But where would I buy these from? Any ideas?
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      Hi, if you haven't yet completed your mods, below are my suggestions.

      Steel braided brake hoses only reduce pedal travel and improve brake boost or pressure. If you want sharper brake response and better braking you need to go in at least for performance pads (for eg. metallic pads from EBC give a sharp bite under any conditions) or upgrade both the rotors and pads. And if aren't tuning your engine for higher power, just using a performance pad would be more than sufficient. In my experience, even the OE replacement pads from EBC perform much better than the OE pads.

      And better handling, you can look at changing to stiffer struts rather changing the whole setup. This will be a better choice than changing to a stiffer anti roll bar alone.

      And 15" wheels with just 1 size upgrade in tyre width (use a tyre calculator for proper upsizing) from the OE tyres will improve handling and braking without compromising on fuel economy.

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