As you peeps know, I have a 2010 Swift Dzire K12, and I love the car.

I don't want many power related mods to the car, because there isn't much of a point to add power when I can barely use it most of the time. I would draw the line at breathing mods with a remap (if really necessary) and call it a day. Just a sharper throttle response would be enough, so that I can use all of the engine and not impale the car on a tree.

But as far as handling is concerned, this car is a true gem. The steering feels really nice, it grips well too, despite being so softly sprung. The body roll is a slight concern. Because a hard driving session made me car sick XD.

So the small mods I had in mind were:

Steel braided brake lines: Sharper brake response, also slightly stronger braking. I could use that.

Stiffer anti-roll bars: this will reduce roll, without having to make gigantic suspension mods like springs and dampers. I need roll, it gives a nice feedback and telegraphs the car's behaviour nicely. But too much roll is just, ugh.

The bigger mods were just a set of alloys (something 2nd hand, and still 14 inch) and some grippy 185 section tires. Something like 185/70 R14.

But where would I buy these from? Any ideas?