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    Thread: Wearing Rear Seat Belt is Mandatory!

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      Wearing Rear Seat Belt is Mandatory!

      Yep you heard it right. I was not aware of this law, were you?

      Rules for wearing rear seat-belts in force since 2005 | India News - Times of India
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      Have known this law for long. But in a country where people don't wear seat belt on front seats, it's hard to get people to obey the law and wear rear seat belts too. But it might actually decrease fatality in accidents in long run.

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      We have poor enforcement of the law in our country. Good thing that they raised the fines. Traffic police will have some motivation to get on the road.

      I wear seat belts in ola Uber if available. Easier to sleep when wearing a seat belt in the back seat. Otherwise the way they change gears, I get thrown back and forth all the time.
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