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    Thread: Tyre advice for Ford Ecosport

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      Tyre advice for Ford Ecosport

      Sorry to admit this but I have not been regular with Balancing and Alignment routine. Hence, the front two tyres have worn out and have reached the tread indicator level. Whereas the rear tyres and the stepney have more tread still left.
      If I go for cheap tyres, I'll replace all 4 otherwise only front 2.

      Stock size options i.e. 205/60 R16 -
      1) Kenda Komet KR-10 - 3800 per tyre - Online reviews claim them to be reliable but unknown performance.

      2) Yokohama Earth 1 - 5500 per tyre - made for india, but less plush and noisy after some kms.

      2) Yokohama Bluearth AE50 XL Reinforced - 5500 per tyre - Softer compound than Earth 1, hence more comfortable and less noise but poor life (?)

      3) Michelin Primacy 4st - 7800 per tyre - Great performance according to online reviews, but scary puncture scenario because of softer compound. But at the same time I have read many Michelins covering 70k+ kms..

      Worth considering? size options -
      6) Michelin Primacy 4st 205/65 - 7000 per tyre - 3.14% slower which is beyond permissible 3% - Considering since they are CHEAPER than Stock size
      7) Michelin Pilot Sport 4st 205/50 - 8300 per tyre - 3.14% faster - PILOT SPORTS for just 500 bucks more than Primacy!!! What more do I need to say?

      Stock MRFs were very reliable. I guess I had atmost 2 punctures over past 44000 kms. They had ample grip and never failed me even in wet conditions. Only con for past 25,000 kms was its Noise. I won't comment on Comfort as this also depends on the suspension and tyre pressure, but yes they weren't plush.
      I am a sucker for 'Value for Money'. I think its better to go for an expensive tyre which has better grip, less noise, comfort, reliability and runs for 60-70,000 kms, instead of a cheap tyre which will not perform well by virtue of its cost, and may conk off within 40-45,000 kms.

      Little info on my driving routine - I have 50-50 City-Highway driving. I don't regularly do highway drive but when I do, it compensates for mileage of city drive. Majority of driving is on National highways, but many a times I have had to take bad roads when highways were closed due to some agitation or what. Even our national highways are prone to life threatening pot holes or undulations or just plain stupid human beings roaming around, which may prove dangerous for tyres with soft sidewall.
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      Quote Originally Posted by fyodor0137 View Post
      But at the same time I have read many Michelins covering 70k+ kms..
      I am running primacy 3ST for about 20k km now without a puncture. The Yeti has been through long rough roads ( I have a fetish for taking less known routes!). The rate at which the tyre prices are going up, I may go for the cheaper falkens as the replacement.

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      Do you recommend upsizing to 205/65 R16?

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