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    Thread: Stones getting stuck in Tyres of Xuv3OO

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      Stones getting stuck in Tyres of Xuv3OO

      Greeting Fellow Gearheads,

      I have recently purchased XUV300 and thoroughly enjoying the ride. This is my first SUVish car (the last car that I used to ride was my parent's Honda Brio). One thing I have noticed is every time I come home from a ride, there are lots of stones stuck in the Tyres.
      XUV3OO has 205/55 R17 MRF Wanderer Tyres. These have deep lines running like this

      Now every time I go out and come back, I see at least 10-15 small stones stuck in these. Also numerous small stones are also stuck in the horizontal lines on both the sides. These small stones do no protrude out unlike the middle ones.

      So my question to all experts here...
      1. Is this normal?
      2. In case of stuck stones, should be remove it every time before the start of journey? Will it cause any harm in short term and long term?
      3. How do we avoid this from happening? This was never an issue with my Brio Tyres (Mind you those were puny 175/65 R14 though)


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      This is absolutely normal and you don't have to worry about it. No don't waste your time to sit and remove each and every time. Inspecting to see if there's any puncture in the tyre before the start of journey is good. But absolutely not necessary to pull out these stones. How to avoid these from happening, well a tough question. If you're so concerned about it let me answer you in a witty way. Don't drive your car, so that no stones will ever get stuck to the tyres or use a tow service and drive only in good tarmacs where such things won't happen

      Jokes apart, just keep an eye on any sharp objects haven't punctured your tyre and enjoy your drive. Don't get worried about these things.

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      not aware that he can set his status here!

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      Thanks Lvramanan
      There is no puncture as I have tpms and I continuously monitor the pressure. I noticed the stones when I was washing the car for Pooja. Haven't removed them yet and I guess I will let it be.

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