I brought this Device for my Dad, As some of his vehicles do not support Bluetooth. The product costed me about 1.5k Shipped. I brought the long neck version.

Product link-

Tewtross Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter Handsfree Kit: Amazon.in: Computers Accessories

Features (As per website)

CLEAR & CRISP HANDS-FREE CALL IN CAR : Enjoy the ultra clear handsfree car kit by answering calls by one touch.
✔ SUPER EASY SETUP & CRYSTAL CLEAR RECEPTION: Enjoy Superb sound of you calls or music from your Car stereo Speakers. One of the best car accessories
✔ MULTI PLAY OPTIONS. A: Via Bluetooth; B: Via Micro SD card (MP3, WMA, WAV, FLAC format supported); C: Via USB flash disk (Upto 32 GB); D: Via 3.5mm Audio cable (MP3 player, Tablet, etc.)
✔ DUAL USB CHARGING. One 5V 2.1A USB Fast charging port, charges your Mobile Or Tablet Quickly. Another port (5V/1A) designed to charge or Play songs from USB flash drive. Conveniently powers up your device while talking or streaming music
✔ HIGHLY COMPATIBLE: Work with iPhone, Samsung, Moto, HTC, Lenovo, Blackberry, Sony, iPad OR any other Bluetooth enabled mobile or tablet

What I liked-

1. Truly Multifunction, Bi-directional device (Will explain later)

2. Crisp & Clear voice quality.

3. Mobile charger ACTUALLY provides 1.5 to 2 Amps if your phone can take it.

4. Very nice display.

5. Voltage display after cranking the vehicle.

What I did not-

1. Little bulky. Could fall off on bad roads.

2. Voltage display cannot be made permanent.

How it works-

The device has many ports & Interfaces. Such has USB, AUX, Bluetooth, FM. The best part is, these can be configured any which way. Here are a few examples-

1. Put a pen drive in USB port. Music can be transmitted to FM. Set your HU to FM frequency shown on screen.

2. Put a pen drive in USB port. Connect AUX to HU. Tewtross will send music over AUX Link to HU

3. Connect Bluetooth Phone to Tewtross. Calls/music will be broadcasted to HU via FM.

4. Connect Phone via AUX to Tewtross and Calls/music will be broadcasted to HU via FM

5. HU does not have FM? No issues. Connect Phone via Bluetooth to Tewtross. Then connect AUX to HU. The AUX link will BACKFEED phone Audio to HU !! This is simply awesome! Have'nt seen Bi-directional AUX links for a very long time.

Of course both USB ports can be used for phone charging

The display shows song name & FM frequency. There are controls for Accepting call, Changing song, A neat knob for volume etc.

In my view this is a very worthy buy.

Note- The device is not intended for XUV.
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