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    Thread: VROOM Drag Meet, Hosur Aerodrome Oct 18 - 20, 2019

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      VROOM Drag Meet, Hosur Aerodrome Oct 18 - 20, 2019

      VROOM Drag Meet held for three days in a closed door arena in Bangalore city.
      A call to all drag race enthusiasts for the much awaited Drag Meet in Bangalore.

      Governing Body - FMSCI

      From modified Indian Cars, Indian Bikes to Supercars & Superbikes all gunning to set the best quarter mile timing. Over 600 Participants & 10000 spectators from across India (Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Gujarat, Delhi, Kolkata & other cities) to enter in this Federation Approved Motorsports event in Bangalore City.

      The Participants Lineup included performance upgraded vehicles like: Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston, Nissan GTR, EVO, Porsche, Masserati etc.

      In the Super/Hyper Bikes: Kawasaki, Suzuki, BMW, Yamaha, Honda will be present with some serious upgrades and technology.

      'DRAG RACING MAINA' is here


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      mclaren1885 , megazoid -: How were your experiences here?
      Trucking at 115kph

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      The venue is just amazing and an ideal place for an event of this nature. Met a lot of folks, friends and aquaintances. Saw lots of cars and bikes. Small, big, quick and fast. A few friends were participating too. Unfortunately, the timing equipment malfunctioned and the day was more of a practice for all the participants. Some used it well, others conserved their hardware, yet others were plain ****ed with the goof up. The organizers promised another date for the event to participants.

      Mustangs, M3s, Lambos, R8s, porsches, Minis, M2s, tuned ocatvias, lauras, rapids, esteems, honda city's, zens and what not. All in all, as a spectator, I thought the mistake was pretty amateurish and clearly spoke of incompetence and a lack of a contingency plan. But I definitely could not have complained about the participants and their weapons of chioce. The amount of labour and passion shown by these folks is just mind numbing. It made up for the organizational goof up for some of us atleast. Such a post needs to have droolworthy pictures to support its theme but unfortunately I don't have any.

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      Thanks megazoid for the review. Maybe, I'll also join next time to watch the mean machines and the passionate work of the enthusiasts
      Trucking at 115kph

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      Well, what Hari said. The turnout was probably the best so far for a Drag Race held in and around Bangalore.

      Most of us participants were really disappointed because of the timing equipment not working. All the teams had put in a lot of time, effort and money to do the Sundays runs and the event being pushed to a later date is about the only thing the organisers could do given the sitaution. Wish they had a back-up plan!

      Let's see whats the update from the organisers end for the re-run.
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