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    Thread: The old man is going back to work.

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      Awesome thread. Looking forward to the updates.
      rksingh1 -: I'm also planning this as a after-retirement plan. Will be happy with a good Tempo Traveller as well . School duties will be great.
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      Quote Originally Posted by raama View Post
      Wondering what will happen to all those so called long distance non stop drivers here in india who brag that they did XYZ kms in XY hours with just a break for refueling etc etc.
      That limit won't be not applicable to owner drivers or private drivers for private cars. This would be applicable for commercial drivers only. So it won't effect. Even Indian does longer trips in a day in his own personal car.

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      Jokes aside, my retirement plan is to buy a land near some sea and open a resort with my savings. Spend my life, working and enjoying a life near the ocean. Hoping this plan does come true

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      Quote Originally Posted by Lvramanan View Post
      Good that they've such strict policies in place.
      This is the only safety net drivers have against predatory transport companies. Minimum wages are compulsory and they can be held accountable in case of serious accidents. The driver decides if the vehicle is safe for road use. Just last week, I refused to drive up to a house on extremely icy uphill roads. The lady had to drive her kids to the bus down the hill.

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