This is what I saw last week when I was lubricating the sliders on my calipers. At first I thought they was marks left by the pads but after further checks they turned out to be cracks evenly spaced along the ventilation ribs inside the rotors on both front wheels. These rotors and pads were replaced at 270,000 km in 2015 and has 110,000 km on them. The rotors were from Sachs and pads from EBC. They lasted much longer than the Brembo rotors and Mintex pads I had on before. These lasted 73,000 km.
The rotors are worn down to below the minimum 20mm. They are more like 18 mm now, down from 24 mm when new.
The rear springs will also be replaced as the car sags down on the left rear. I suspect a broken or weak spring.
The slider pin on the rear caliper broke off and I drilled the rear and punched it out and did a temporary fix with a sawn off bolt and put in a new pin, so new carriers.

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I ordered a set of all 4 Zimmermann rotors and pads from Germany since they cost slightly more than buying 2. Will keep the rear set as spare. I ordered online last Sunday night and they arrived in Sweden on Tuesday. I called on Monday morning as I had not written the address to the post office correctly but they said the goods were already sent.
For the springs I went for the reinforced Swedish Lesj?fors springs.
The car is 18 years old and I have driven 214,000 km in 8 years
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