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    Thread: Tata Sierra is Back? Concept Showcased at Auto Expo 2020

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      not aware that he can set his status here!

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      Quote Originally Posted by Indian View Post
      Face it. Light skin is more favourable in India. It is even easier to get a job with light skin.
      Light skin is a quality in India.
      Look at the matrimonials. Why do they mention skin colour?
      You have misunderstood the term racism.

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      Really? I am guessing Mayawati became cm because of her light skin? And I am guessing Rajnikanth is super fair? Getting a job is easier with light skin? Where are you getting this stuff from? I would understand if this was coming from a insecure high school student, but we are all adults here.

      But there is no point arguing, you keep your opinion and I will keep mine.
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