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    Thread: Corona diaries

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      Quote Originally Posted by Nomad View Post
      there is no other opportunity to spend any money.
      I am not spending anymore on newspapers, Cable DTH, eating out, laundry(mostly for ironing).
      Cable DTH was nothing to do with corona, but I realised that I don't really need it.
      Fuel expense are the same since I go for long drives on weekends unless there is a restriction.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Nomad View Post
      Looks like the members stopped posting Corona Dairy notes since a month+ now,
      Updates from my side:

      I have been at home most of the time, and suffered a bit on work front as all our devices were distributed among employees and some were lying in office. As soon as Unlock 1.0 was announced, i got to office and brought different variation of the devices which were needed to support the customers. Now i go to office once a week, shuffling the devices as needed. In my office only 2 persons come regularly. All others have been asked not to bother coming to office and do whatever they can, from their home.

      We also tried to be part of Govt of India's Video conferencing solution development challenge, but could not make it to the shortlist.

      My wife had stopped her drawing classes, and these remain discontinued till now, and will remain so in foreseeable future. For Maths and Physics (grade 9) she has been taking online classes. As she needed flexibility to draw and scribble on a whiteboard, our Airplay mirroring app came to the rescue. This is first time (since last 3 years) that our own app has been of any real use to ourselves!!

      At start of unlock I had been to Decathlon to purchase basketball backboard for kids (12Y and 7 Y). Me and wife went to Mahadevpura store, as home delivery was not being done. We had already decided the model number, so just went there asked them for the specific model, paid for it and brought it home. Got my regular fabricator to put up a pole and install it in my car parking plot. The basketball used to go outside the plot wall frequently, so put up a volleyball net and that has been very effective.

      None of us (me, wife and 2 kids) ever felt the need to go outside during these last 4 months. Wife learnt cooking a lot many new things including Kaaju katli, different variety of cakes, several new curries, different snacks etc, and we never missed outside food. I learnt making soft chapatis (earlier i used to make the tough ones which were difficult to chew and eat). I take care of managing washing machine, dishwasher, making Chapatis/Paratha/Dosa.

      There have been savings from not eating out, less car usage and not buying unnecessary stuff.

      When lockdown was announced in March/April, our App sales increased about 6 fold, bringing in some money. It tapered towards 2x of normal sales till last week. Since last one week again the sales of our App has spiked, don't know what is the reason for current spike. I think entire world is not in lockdown at present. Our 2 main competitor apps are Chinese, and have seen more traction in Australia, Canada and Japan, while earlier most of the sales used to come from US and UK. Looks like China troubling these countries is making people look for non-Chinese stuff. Even i have been trying to avoid/reduce purchasing products of Chinese companies, forgetting about the VFM factor.

      The number of cases in Bangalore are increasing rapidly, and we need to take care of ourselves, so as not to catch the Covid-19 and become a Covid-19 statistic. Take care.
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