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    Thread: Picked a decade old FASTEST NA BMW- E92 330i

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      ironically a remapped tdi is
      faster than the next segment
      tdi at lesser price.
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      Smile Picked a decade old FASTEST NA BMW- E92 330i

      Moved to UK. Bike or a car? Car gets priority, thanks to the cold/warm weather. Sun isn't there for more than 1500 hours in an year and that too without any intense heat with somedays getting barely 4 hours of Sun.
      The word HOT is used by people in cold countries who haven't been outside and felt above 35-55 degree celcius. And yes, there are some who try to rebrand themselves as locals by using the same words and getting involved in local culture overly. It is funny to see people who after having worked in Middle East, India, Pakistan, etc cry HOT when temp is barely 28 C. I have lived and worked in 56 degree celcius and also the same desert feels freezing even when temperature is just 10 C, coz of the wind, fog and light snow.

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_20200608_223048~2.jpg 
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      It takes experimental brain or the curiosity to purchase something totally different. Once I got addicted to the TURBO and I'm still somewhere inside, hence the next car should be a TURBO petrol.

      The aspects looked for

      1. Sub 7 seconds to ton.
      2. Handling, steering, braking.
      3. Chassis dynamics.
      4. 50-50 weight distribution.
      5. Budget of ?9000.
      6. Not too old preferably 10 years max.

      Aspects not so much considered

      1. Kitna deti hai. It's sMILES per gallon this time.
      2. 5 seats or rear seat comfort or number of doors.
      3. Interior equipment level or luxury.
      4. New cars were out of question coz of budget.
      5. 4?4 purpose.
      6. Touring or luggage carrying ability.

      The shortlist after lot of confusion from petrol to diesel, hatchback to saloon, manual to automatic, various brands in terms of reliability, ease of resale, depreciation, spare parts and knowledge availablity at independent garages, used car availablity and condition which is the very important and which could take priority based on situation.

      1. Miata MX 5
      2. BMW 123d biturbo
      3. BMW 130i
      4. Honda civic type R
      5. VW golf gti
      6. Ford Focus RS or ST

      If it was fuel economy and comfort cruising I would have chosen either a VW Passat or Skoda superb 2.0 tdi depending on Vehicle condition or a Vauxhall (opel) insignia 2.0 cdti which is cheaper to buy & service compared to Germans.

      The last 3 cars are mostly good only for city, small curvy roads where a go kart car style is required. The 1st 3 cars are a good balance for highway as well as small curvy roads. Since my usage is not supposed to go above 10000 kms in a year, petrol car was an easy choice.

      123d is an impressive RWD car with 2 turbo which operate at 2 stages of rev ranges and hence it ALMOST FEELS like a petrol. You see, the perception of speed vs real performance is very different.

      A turbo diesel car often feels much faster than it is because of the rate of change of acceleration being non-linear/instant, call it rate of change of speed, jerk, jolt, neck snap, push to the seats, sudden rush, turbo spool. This effect lasts only for few seconds whatsoever or if I rephrase it, as you press throttle, the extra rev doesn't feel that same as the 1st set of revs which gave the mad rush of torque at the beginning. The diesel car will accelerate even after that EFFECT but that rate of increase of acceleration will be diminishing and by redline it's out of any rush. So it is like a deception that you have lot of power when you haven't because of the instant pull/jerk. Sometimes this effect can make someone say that a bi turbo 200 bhp diesel car is faster than a 300 bhp NA petrol car.

      It's easy to compare torque-bhp graphs of any good revving NA petrol car vs a bi turbo diesel car. NA high revving car would have a more flatter line of torque in the entire rev range than the other turbo diesel car. NA will start off a bit slow but as revs build up it gets better and better.

      Well, some of you might be thinking, being a turbo guy why am I batting for NA. The answer is NA cars are dead and no more produced. Let's welcome the days of 1 lt turbo pertol cars with a hung face.
      So before it becomes extinct or worthless to use, buy and enjoy now if you can.

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_20200605_133306~2.jpg 
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ID:	240215

      "Rumours are plenty that straight six naturally aspirated engines were the most supreme to drive ever."
      "Rumours are being fed as fact nowadays that most BMW cars are indeed performance enthusiast cars."

      So BMW 130i was almost in the focus when i dug up a bit to see the engine. Alas, N52. So more reading about N53, N54....

      BMW N52 - Wikipedia

      BMWs Automotive News

      BMW N53 - Wikipedia

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_20200605_082945~2.jpg 
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ID:	240216

      And no N53B30 engine was found in 1 series. Upon realising that there is no M version I felt this is the peak tune of that engine and maybe that's why BMW didn't think of giving a M version just to add extra $ and unable to give nothing much more than the normal version. And the search begins for cars with N53B30 engine....why settle to less when the larger can be had if tried at the same price. 5 series was eliminated coz that big size isn't of much use to me and smaller cars handles better as per physics.

      And I fell for THOSE rumours and bought BMW E92 330i Coupe, 6 speed ZF6HP, with N53B30 DI engine which was produced in 2008, meeting the minimum purchase condition that the engine/car shouldn't be too old and budget stays under ?9000 with some things sorted out as follows.
      HPFP, fuel pump sensor, rear springs, 1 abs sensor, rear wheel bearings, non run flats have been taken care of. Guess the worry if any might be from water pump or DSC or remaining sensors. Planning up all fluid and filter change and not bothering about others coz if it ain't broken...

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_20200605_083430~2.jpg 
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ID:	240217

      N53B30 engine is the LAST & also the MOST POWERFUL naturally aspirated straight six engine produced by BMW after which turbocharger was used extensively, and this engine wasn't sold in many markets due to high sulphur in fuel. N52 was the LIGHTEST engine in its class and N53 also uses the magnesium alloy.

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_20200605_085314~2.jpg 
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ID:	240218

      It's capable of touching speeds above 150 kmph in 3rd and above 200 kmph in 4th.

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_20200608_223541~2.jpg 
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ID:	240219

      Hmmm too lovely...

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_20200608_223919~2.jpg 
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ID:	240220

      A good YouTube review about this car. But this hasn't got iDrive, mine does.
      This is not a rocket nor anywhere near cars like M3, but it produces 272 horses and revs till 7000. More details can be read at,

      Bmw Engines - BMW N53 Engine (2007-2014)


      This is my first RWD, after 20 years of FWD usage though I have driven AWD and RWD on occasions. I didn't choose NA 6 cylinder petrol only because I do less miles.
      In Europe the engine oil intervals are unique to this part of the world. Some OEM state 20000 kms/2 years as oil change internal which is absolutely no for us. Main reason is the service cost.

      So most of the turbo cars be it diesel or petrol were out of much choice due to budget constraints as low run sub 8 sec cars were above the budget. General rule, buy the lowest run and newest with all service record.
      Why would I risk buying a high mileage turbo car at such low budget?
      Issues like turbos, swirl flaps, DPF, DMF, injectors and add all the other issues which even a NA petrol car can have, which can give sleepless nights for few months.

      Remaps and performance modifications are costly and yearly MOT check might be a trouble if DPF is removed.
      This car had only 1 owner who used for 65000 kms in 12 years, which means, perfectly serviced as per our schedule and being a NA there shouldn't be much to go wrong.

      Interiors are not plush or luxurious like in mercedes, but everything is simple and easy to use. I'm not comparing with audi coz, from skoda to vw to audi most parts and equipments and interiors are same.
      Below is list of equipment in this car.

      S441 Smoker Package
      S4AE Armrest Front, Retractable
      S4AD Interior Trim Strips, Brushed Aluminium
      S459 Seat Adjustment, Electric, With Memory
      S488 Lumbar Support, Driver And Passenger
      S470 Isofix-System
      S481 Sports Seat
      S403 Glass Roof, Electrical
      S428 Warning Triangle And First Aid Kit
      S494 Seat Heating Driver/Passenger
      S431 Interior Mirror With Automatic-Dip
      S423 Floor Mats Velours
      S430 Interior/Outside Mirror With Auto Dip

      S6FL USB/Audio Interface
      S609 Navigation System Professional
      S616 BMW Online
      S676 HiFi Speaker System
      S620 Voice Control
      S633 Preparation, Mobile Phone, Business
      S694 Provisions For BMW 6 CD Changer
      S612 BMW Assist

      S534 Automatic Air Conditioning
      S5AC High-Beam Assistant
      S521 Rain Sensor
      S522 Xenon Light
      S544 Cruise Control With Brake Function
      S563 Light Package
      S524 Adaptive Headlights
      S508 Park Distance Control (PDC)
      S520 Fog Lights
      S502 Headlight Cleaning System

      S2PA Locking Wheel Bolt
      S2C5 BMW LA Wheel, Star Spoke 185
      S249 Multifunction F Steering Wheel
      S205 Automatic Transmission
      S2XA Sport Leather St. Wheel W/ Shift Paddles

      S8S3 Automatic Locking During Starting
      S8S2 Coding, Alarm Signal
      S863 Dealer List Europe
      S853 Language Version, English
      S880 On-Board Literature, English
      S877 Omission Of Non-Combined Operation
      S812 National Version England / Ireland
      S8SP Control Unit COP
      S302 Alarm System
      S850 Dummy-SALAPA
      S8SM Car Ident. Number Visible From Outside

      S1CB CO2 Equipment
      S1CA Selection Of COP-Relevant Vehicles
      S1CD Brake Energy Regeneration

      iDrive system is nice to have but I mostly depend on Waze on mobile phone. One thing missed in iDrive is that the music on phone cannot be played via Bluetooth. Bluetooth handles only calls, got to buy a gadget or use aux cable. Memory seats are cool to have which even remember the ORVMs position. On cold mornings and nights heated seats do an excellent job, and makes me forget about buying a bike instead.

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_20200605_085950~2.jpg 
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ID:	240221

      What's this to drive...
      "Silky smooth high revving". One needs to use it to understand this.

      Due to HPFP and DI lean fuelling I suppose, idle feels a bit like diesel clatter but once on the go all gets fine and above 4k where the pull begins at a faster rate, sweet exhaust music fills up the cabin. Previous owner had also done a golf tee mod which makes the stock exhaust a bit more audible.

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_20200605_085721~2.jpg 
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ID:	240222

      50-50 weight distribution coupled with RWD is something out of the world for a person like me coming from VW FWD. It's so different that car gets unsettled with hard throttle and hard downshifts before the roundabout.

      This car needs a new set of skills which I suppose, a major role being throttle modulation in the smoothest manner. I tried taking a roundabout "fast" with heavy downshifts and had a narrow escape from totalling, major part played by DTC. When same was attempted without hard throttle and mid corner brakes but by using throttle and steering in a more smooth manner, it was easier to reach the limits and control it as well. It's not so easy to drive it in slow speeds, feels a bit hard including the steering, which isn't hydraulic but electric. Maybe the turbo love in me is complaining this as the normal driving rev range is where the turbo spools up, whereas in NA car it's dull in lower revs.

      The learning curve is certainly there when the ride is changed and nothing replaces experiments. Weight distribution gets full marks and nothing hangs on any sides, even battery is placed in the boot for that matter. At 1st glance into engine bay I thought it was into scam. Did I do homework for I6 and paid for I4, 320i rebadged as 330i? Got to lean in and peep deep to see the extra 4 cylinders. Not so front engine placement. All the heavy parts are mostly placed between the 2 axles for better COG & weight distribution like the engine , gearbox, differential.
      I assume that like the modem day BMW even this car selects gears based on gps data. I could feel that it holds to a gear during curves by itself and downshifts just as needed. Miss the heel and toe in a manual though. Most manual 330i cars were rare in used market and rest are thrashed and abused.

      How much it drinks.
      It will drink as it pleases and one needs to be in a state of sadhana to squeeze the best out of it. Till date only 1 long trip of 150 kms each side was done which gave an average of 13.2 km/lt at speeds above mph which is the limit and occasionally it touched very high top speeds.

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_20200605_091312.jpg 
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Size:	2.80 MB 
ID:	240223

      The lowest I could manage was 5km/lt and that wasn't while driving at top speeds but during small runs in cold weather. I never thought that cold runs for small distance could affect so much. Is cylinder deactivation too much to ask for. Lol.
      I remind myself that cost of ownership is not just about how much fuel you use.
      Definitely for smaller runs this car uses more fuel than a 330d or a 530d but on very long highway trips that difference is very minimal. Hopefully in near future I will do a long trip and do a proper mileage run to see what it can achieve if tried.

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_20200605_090941~2.jpg 
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ID:	240224

      I know this is about a decade old car but I feel this is a relevant piece of machine.
      Why do people post I want the best for my car... When there isn't anything that is the best on the car to begin with.

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      Its a beautiful piece of machine you've laid your hands on legendracer ! Enjoy and have many happy and safe miles with the beast...

      Lovely colour and very well maintained.

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      ironically a remapped tdi is
      faster than the next segment
      tdi at lesser price.
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      As I'm infected by detailing bug it was to be done. For 12 years this car had either automatic or street hand wash by non professionals. Automatic car washes can be nasty and bring lots of swirls to scratches at a premium washing charge. It was confirmed from the previous owner that this car was never detailed or polished professionally except at some time getting a 10 min wax treatment.
      It had been almost 2 years since I last detailed and I knew my body was going to suffer coz, working with hands hurt.
      It took me 5 days with 8 hours of daily elbow grease to finish the whole car exterior without the wheels.
      Oh, boy, it hurt really bad and I swear this is the last time I would detail with hands. Hope to get a dual action polisher, at least an used one.

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_20200522_094245.jpg 
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      Difference with compound vs what I was dealing.

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_20200603_115125.jpg 
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ID:	240226

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_20200531_121250.jpg 
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ID:	240228

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_20200605_093835.jpg 
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ID:	240227

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_20200605_083215~2.jpg 
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      Rainx on all glasses.

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_20200605_084857.jpg 
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ID:	240230

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_20200605_084154~2.jpg 
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ID:	240231

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_20200605_084113.jpg 
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ID:	240232

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_20200605_083739.jpg 
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ID:	240233

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_20200608_223026.jpg 
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ID:	240234
      Rear lights to the corner.

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_20200605_083637.jpg 
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Size:	2.93 MB 
ID:	240235

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_20200605_083500.jpg 
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ID:	240236

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_20200605_083243.jpg 
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ID:	240237
      Cyclist was too quick, missed his reflection. He doesn't seem happy...

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_20200605_093347.jpg 
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ID:	240239

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_20200603_214304.jpg 
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Size:	2.73 MB 
ID:	240240

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_20200605_062923.jpg 
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Size:	2.47 MB 
ID:	240241

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_20200605_090941~2.jpg 
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ID:	240243

      I know it's sin committed again and shall be repeated. But if there is lord, it's a hope to be forgiven. For it's said, "Their sins and lawless acts I will remember no more.?
      Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_20200605_093454.jpg 
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ID:	240238  

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_20200605_090941~2.jpg 
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ID:	240242  

      Why do people post I want the best for my car... When there isn't anything that is the best on the car to begin with.

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      Beautiful car legendracer! Let the mods begin. For starters, I'll recommend you to buy Carly and enable lots of hidden mods including Rollsroyce chime.
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      ironically a remapped tdi is
      faster than the next segment
      tdi at lesser price.
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      Talking E92 330i mileage run 650 kms

      So I did a mileage run of 330 Kms.Tank full at first cut off. 97 octane.
      Full time AC.
      Tyre pressure at 33 psi.
      Total distance- 650 Kms
      Total liters- 46 Ltr

      Avg fuel consumption- 14 km/Ltr.
      In that case with a 60 liter full tank and feathering, this car can do above 750 Kms.

      At first I had set the CC to 70 kmph, but soon it was boring and a disturbance to vehicles which had to change lanes to overtake me. So after 50 Kms I set it to 100 kmph and eventually at 120 kmph which is the limit. But I did do occasional bursts to higher speeds.

      I think 16-18 kmpl can be squeezed if travelled between 50-65 kmph, and below 2000 revs.
      But in cities and cold short runs mileage goes real low to single digits.

      But what's the fun. Above 4000 revs up until 7000 it's all game. There is no whoosh or violent pull but one needs to look at the Speedo to know the speeds because there isn't much feeling of high speed pulls.
      I also noticed that a person with motion sickness is relatively calmer in a high speed NA car. Seems it's the turbo effect and driver trying to remain in the spool region to keep that momentum which is the trouble for motion sickness.
      Why do people post I want the best for my car... When there isn't anything that is the best on the car to begin with.

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      Quote Originally Posted by legendracer View Post
      Picked a decade old FASTEST NA BMW- E92 330i
      Congrats legendracer, very very late to the party...10 year old car...no way... nevertheless drooling over the pics (especially the detailed ones). She looks freaking awesome. It's big time, i think you should switch professions...never too late to be a detailer. By the way, enjoy the NA rush

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