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    Thread: Tata Tiago XZA gets ICEd

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      Tata Tiago XZA gets ICEd

      A warm hello to all!
      This is my first attempt at a thread. So here goes nothing.
      With the lockdown in place and having nothing else in hand to do (other than going to the hospital..btw am a doc)I spent most of my days reading or playing with my nephews. One fine day, out of no where an old friend from college days called. We had a great chat and we reminisced our first car audio project. It was his Vento, the very first one that was launched in 2010. Three days before our university exam we were in Bangalore getting his ICE done. To this date my parents don?t know about this. I am sure they wouldn?t be very proud of what I did. His setup-
      HU - Pioneer (can?t remember the model)
      Front Comps: 2 way Dynaudio (changed to Morel 3 way later)
      Rear Comps: 2 way Dynaudio
      Amp: 4 ch Genesis
      Mono: Cant remember
      Subs: 2 Image Dynamics (changed to DD subs later, thanks to the folks at Volkswagen service centre, Chennai for literally breaking the subs)
      After our conversation that ICE bug bit me hard..again. Wanted to get my Tata Tiago XZA 2019 ICEd. So I casually browse the internet to see what had changed in the past 10 years and it was saddening to hear image dynamics had shut down. Saw few new brands or rather brands that I was not familiar with in the beginning. Instagram and Facebook had videos of installers bragging about their SQLs and SPLs. It was all rather confusing.
      I remember a certain outfit in Delhi/Gurgaon from back in the days as we had sourced two DD subs from them. So I called them up and told my requirements (not too bright and strong mid bass). I also asked them about Audible Physics and their response was that its over hyped product and wouldn?t come close to BLAM. I was sold and thus I bought the BLAM Relax 165RS and 165RC. Now it was all about finding a good installer. Preferably in Alleppey, Kerala. My search was trifling as most of the installers were based in Kochi and I wasn?t gonna drive 120kms during this pandemic. Or so I thought. The next day I end up in Kochi and get the speakers installed. I play the music, am happy and I enjoy the drive back home. But the brightness of the tweeter was something I didn?t relish. I spent sleepless nights thinking about what could be done next. Finally thought of changing the front components. This time I made sure I don?t impulse buy. I spoke with people who could shed some light on my requirements.
      I wasn?t gonna drive to Kochi again. Needed to find a good installer near me. Let me tell you it wasn?t easy but finally I ended up at Velocity Pro car audio, Adoor. 37kms drive from home. Spoke with Subin and he had the patience to listen to what I needed. He suggested that I try changing the factory head unit first. The best part was he did not promote any brand. He just laid out the facts and it was upto me to decide. I went with JVC M740BT. The damping on the front doors were changed to CTK from some Chinese brand. He was right, the output did improve but the brightness for the love of god wouldn?t leave me. After a few days I was adamant to change the front components. Subin suggested a few brands but he swore by Audible Physics. I wanted to go for the RAM series but he insisted I try out the Tandav first and if I liked the output, somewhere down the line we can upgrade to RAM. I don?t know why but I trusted him, so went with Tandav MK II and Zapco ST 4B amplifier and boy did it make a difference! The speakers were beyond my expectations. The tones were clean and I could hear the richness and definition that I had missed all these years. As I was playing Astronomy (cover by Metallica) and the part where Lars Ulrich dominates with the drums only to be taken over by Kirk the lead guitarist I could feel the band playing for me. Goosebumps! For vocals I played an old favourite ?Pani pani re? from the movie maachis and I cannot describe or I don?t have the vocabulary skills to pen down what I heard.
      I am sure there are better speaker and amplifier combinations available but trust me when I say I hit the jackpot. The Blams aren?t bad by any means.
      All the credit goes to Subin Babu
      & Ashok C Anand
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      Congratulations, welcome to AP club
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      Congrats on your setup, enjoy your music.

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