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    Thread: Vaani Acoustics - Audible Physics Exclusive India Importer/Distributor

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      Vaani Acoustics - Audible Physics Exclusive India Importer/Distributor

      Well I know it been long overdue to have a proper introduction on some of the brands we represent in India.

      Anyhow let me start detailing it out today, and in the next few days you will find us talking about some of the renowned audio brands we represent exclusively in India.

      Vaani Acoustics is the only Exclusive India Importer & Distributor of Audible Physics products in India.

      Audible Physics as everyone knows specializes in building high quality audio drivers for home DIY and car enthusiasts, it?s a brand which has been extremely loved and cherished by fellow audio brothers in India and world over. There are abundant car audio build success stories available for anyone to read in our Gearhead community ICE threads with heart felt emotions of listening expressions as feedback.

      You can find more information about Audible Physics products at our India website - Car Audio | Audible Physics India | India.

      We have a strong Dealer Network in India who are our exclusive partners. You can find them under the Dealer Network section on the website, they bring the latest and greatest to you from Audible Physics through us. Please reach out to them for product queries and installations.

      Please Note

      We strongly advise to refrain from procuring Audible Physics products through any other channels/shops, we will be unable to honour warranty on such sales. Our Exclusive Authorised Partners are clearly mentioned on the website and they stock the latest and greatest from Audible Physics.

      It goes without saying that you can always reach out to me through PM?s/Calls or whatsapp(+91-8618661821) for any products/support/consultation queries related to Audible Physics.

      We sincerely thank you for your love and support for Audible Physics and wish to have your continued support in the longer run.

      Warm Regards & Be Safe
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