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    Thread: I purchased my first bird, yes an airplane!

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      VIDEO: Formation flying with a Cessna 172

      We had to do a 40 min flight to a nearby airport to pick up some items for the aircraft. While returning, I flew in formation with a friend's Cessna 172.

      Cessna 172 and Piper PA-28 series (my plane, PA-28 Warrior) is the most common single engine airplanes in USA's general aviation market. The formation flying called for some cool photos and videos from both the aircrafts as it was a perfect bright day!

      Things to be planned before a formation flight:
      1. Discuss and plan the route between both the pilots of the involved aircrafts. Discuss the approx number of minutes after take-off to expect joining the formation.
      2. Select a common radio frequency and use that in one of the radios of all involved aircrafts. We set 123.45 MHz in radio #1 on our aircrafts while in formation.
      3. Use the local area common traffic advisory frequency (CTAF) example 122.72MHz of that area or use the military/Guard frequency 121.5 and monitor/standby one of those 2 frequencies in the second radio of your aircraft.
      4. Join the formation after take-off and as per the planned 'Join formation' minutes and switch radio to 123.45 MHz to establish a closed communication between the aircrafts in formation.
      5. Maintain steady course, safe distance and consistent airspeed to have a perfect formation flight.
      6. If you want to perform maneuvers while in formation, talk it out with the other aircraft and plan it properly.
      7. When ready to disperse from formation, switch the radio #1 frequency from 123.45 to what ever the local frequency is for that area.

      Now, below is the video of my formation flying. Aircrafts in formation are Piper PA-28 Warrior II (Mine) and Cessna 172 (Friend's)....

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      Awesome post, this is the first time I have come across such an amazing post related to Aircrafts, Keep flying safe!!

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