My car was due for servicing; I got a call from Prerana last week sometime reminding me about the same. I understood from those guys that they have stopped servicing Fiats in OMR workshop. I was left with either Peenya or Hosur road or some other workshop.

Initially i had thought of giving the car to Concorde Motors-Mysore road but that would be very very far for me so had cartech/carnation/Prerana-Hosur road/Concorde-Hosur road and Gowri automobiles in mind, after speaking to few guys who got their cars serviced recently i chose Prerana.

Took my car to Kudlu gate workshop at 8:30 AM as promised and met up with the SA, the car didn’t have any major issues and i was early enough so it didn’t take lot of time to get the car into service area.

After the routine service got the car at around 5 PM, did all the checks mentioned in the service book and the car felt much smoother.

Overall exp@Prerana hosur road has been decent.

few things noticed while i was watching and waiting as my car was being serviced
1. Saw a bunch of engineers from Fiat working with Punto-MJD, couldnt quite understand what they were doing. Looked like they were analyzing/reading something related to engine, which was connected to a laptop.
2. Didnt see Lineas being serviced at all??
3. Saw an Aria in Flesh, personally i didnt find it like OMG or jaw dropping. Didnt have the presence of Fortuner or the finesse of CRV but looked a pretty decent package. Somhow the car looks bigger on TV than actual