Some points to ponder.

1) The fast lane is always choke full of crawling trucks and every other SLOW vehicle.

2) If a slow moving truck is on the fast lane, dont trouble them, just overtake from the left lane, after loud "honking". (sic) Of course, if you were already in the slow lane, you dont even have to move.

3) If the road is turning right, move over to the left lane. Gives you better visibility into the turn. Remember, this is not the same as a left turn. When you are turning right, you the driver is sitting on the right side of the car. Way less visibility, compared to a left turn, with the driver sitting on the right side of the car.

4) There might a tractor/bus/truck/bike coming up the wrong way, in the fast lane. And yeah, they always choose the fast lane to come the wrong way.

5) Dont drive close to the median, or in the fast lane cause "bush men" jump out from there.

6) We dont have merge areas/lanes in most parts of the country. Vehicles randomly pop out from the cuts in the divider.