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    Thread: Scoop Video: Mahindra Reva NXR caught testing

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      Scoop Video: Mahindra Reva NXR caught testing

      Mahindra has been working extensively on its next generation electric vehicle, the NXR. The new car will address all the problems that the earlier Reva (or the G-Wiz) had, like cramped interiors, low range and less top speed. Introduced to the world at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2001, the car will be launched in 2012. Followed by an even more powerful and sportier version namely NXG in 2013

      The REVA NXR would be made available only in a two door version, but with enough space to seat four adults. Years of development on the first-gen Reva would mean that the NXR would come with improved acceleration and range over its predecessor. The NXR reaches a top speed of 104 kmph while providing a range of 160 km.

      Apart from its performance, the NXR also comes with some very innovative communication features to keep you updated about the battery charge and other critical info. The NXR is capable of texting you about crucial information such as Time-to-full-change, pre-heat or pre-cool the car, mail you a report on your driving habits or even unlocking the door as you approach.

      The Reva also comes with something called REVive technology, which conserves a certain amount of charge only for emergencies and can be activated remotely if the primary charge has completely depleted.

      For India, the company may replace the standard Li-ion batteries with lead-acid units to bring down costs. This would reduce the NXR’s range to 80km, and top speed to 80km/h.

      The REVA NXR will be manufactured at the company’s new green manufacturing plant in Bangalore. The car is meant primarily for the European market, where the NXR Intercity (Li-ion) will cost about 15,000 Euros or a little more than Rs. 10lakh. The Reva NXR City on the other hand, with lead acid batteries would be priced at about 10,000 Euros or around Rs. 7 lakh.

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      Source - Motoroids.com
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      I have seen the NXR being tested plenty of times. Infact, I remember clicking a few pics too, they should be somewhere on this very forum.

      I personally know the guys who lead the R&D team for Maini Group. The number of prototypes I have heard these guys have gone through is enormous.

      Unfortunately, the taxation policy in India does not encourage the sales of these vehicles and puts it mostly out of reach of the majority because of the huge price tag then end up with.

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      The New Reva looks definitely bigger than the Nane

      Also its a 2 door car...
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      Day in and Day out I see this taking rounds in front of my flat.But definitely better than the first generation
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      Is there something wrong with the Video ?
      Is seems that thing took of I mean really took off.

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      7 Lakh? Is there a market in India for cars that are priced in this range but has so many other limitations?
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      The news is over an year old and looks like they are still testing. Spotted this near Electronics City a couple of weeks back.
      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	RevaScoop.jpg 
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      I think the Reva Classe will still hang around coz the NXR will go way out of reach.
      currently the Classe sells for about 4 L. the intention of the Classe and NXR are the same - city driving. Why pay more?
      the Classe gives about 70 kms per charge. if it is just home-office-home drive, then the Classe does the job just right.

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      It seems they have been testing this forever. Still how long are they gonna keep testing?
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      I guess no one will buy it for that price..

      sell it at 5k max, people would take it.. Plus lead acid batteries is a serious no-no, increased weight = less range = more hazardous (topple a lead acid battery and see)..

      although it looks decent, they should have changed its name from reva to something catchy,

      if you ask a guy reva, he tells you rawa ? xD (me joking) .. reva for most is a flop car..

      Quote Originally Posted by yzfrj View Post
      Is seems that thing took of I mean really took off.
      its an electric, instantaneous torque..
      SCROSS DDiS 220..
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