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    Thread: Harley Davidson India - News Thread

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      Harley Davidson India - News Thread

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      Are there any Harley owners in our forum??
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      Quote Originally Posted by camchennai View Post
      Are there any Harley owners in our forum??
      Yap!!! Great Gthang. He rides a XL1200N
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      Harley-Davidson presents Wild India on National Geographic

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      Harley-Davidson Blackline Test Ride Review by MB

      Bike tested: Harley Davidson FXS Softail Blackline

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      Price OTR Mumbai: Rs. 15,00,000/- (estimated)

      There’s some marketing-driven concept somewhere to begin with and like any other mainstream motorcycle maker, a key part of Milwaukee-based Harley-Davidson’s (H-D) current business strategy is to attract a wider range of bikers with innovation. Currently, H-D offers 32 models and with new innovations coming in at regular intervals, bikers tastes ranging from traditional to urban can now find a model to fit their idea of a bike. Meanwhile, Harley-Davidson also realizes that it needs to increase its market share in new territories besides attracting and tapping the emerging youth markets. And as part of the youth wooing strategy, in 2007, H-D created the “Dark Custom” line-up using the Softail platform. And since 2011, H-D has been specifically targeting the segment with its distinct lean, matte-finished bobber look and this new chapter is called the ‘Blackline’.

      What’s the concept then?
      The Blackline was created as a ground-up project using heritage cues and blending it with cutting edge engineering for performance and handling. “Lean as wire, hard as iron, and dark as a tar road at midnight,” is how H-D describes the new addition. To us, technically it’s a variation of the high-end Softail series, but the Blackline has several features that give it its standalone character. Despite a familiar profile, the finish of the bike is unique. There’s more than just a splash of powder coating treatment on the frame or other key components such as swingarm or wheels. It’s called “Black Denim” and the silky matte finish complements the polished anodized rims or chrome accents. Although, the front end comes direct from the FX, its sign-off is the new “Split Drag” handlebars, which are mounted directly on to the top yoke.

      H-D’s senior industrial designer-cum-stylist, Casey Ketterhagen was responsible for the overall presentation in this bike. Although the Blackline began as a side project for Ketterhagen, Harley’s team of 12 designers all had their input, including some from the legendary Willy G Davidson for a perfect in-house custom look. While Ketterhagen tried to emphasise the importance of the bike’s proportions by wanting it to look like “a person just riding a motor”, he has actually created a new marketing mantra for the brand. According to Ketterhagen, the mantra has been achieved in the way the bike has been re-engineered and detailed without being ostentatious. There’s also a bit of softness – when you consider subtle graphics in place of the usual 2D badges, minimalistic usage of chrome and since black is the main colour, the bike appears low and sleek. The Softail’s five-gallon fuel tank is virtually naked as it’s been stripped of its traditional instrument console and in place is a garnish. Some changes to instrumentation is also noted where the handlebar yolk mounted analogue speedometer is augmented with a miles-to-empty LCD readout [it replaces the old fuel gauge that looked like a filler cap at the top of the tank’s left side].

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      Softail inspired?
      You could say so. And to assure anyone familiar with the Softails, that the Blackline was different, an element of hooliganism has been thrown in. The Softails’ rear mudguard has been placed quite low which in turn has helped bring the seat height down to 26.1in [the lowest two-up seat offered by the Milwaukee brand]. Similarly, the mirrors are pushed inboard and the upper triple clamp yolk was made as thin as possible without compromising the bike’s structural integrity. The minimalist theme continues with a relatively narrow 144mm tyre,[from the pre-’08 Touring platform, we think], and is sort of a middle order when you consider tuner-modder’s obsession with fat tyres. Meanwhile, the rear mudguard is signed-off with Harley’s usual combination of stop/tail/turn lamps and the rear struts holding the mudguards are left in their raw forged metal finish and also powdercoated matte black.

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      Up front, the bike’s stripped-and-lean theme is complemented with the wide spacing of the FX 41mm fork tubes that make the 5.75in headlight look a bit tiny. There’s a small gap between the seat and the fuel tank which exposes the top of the frame, contributing to the bike’s feel of openness. Rear passenger’s might miss the cozy grip.

      Just like other Softails, Harley’s counterbalanced new Evolution 1,584cc 45° air-cooled V-twin TC96B engine powers the Blackline through a six-speed transmission. The engine is solidly mounted to the bike’s frame which to an untrained eye gives rigid-style illusion. A simple yet ingenious design has ensured that the rear end of the frame actually acts as a swingarm completed with hydraulic cleverly hidden shock absorbers behind the transmission. H-D says the Blackline boasts of a design of a vintage hardtail frame but offers the benefits of a modern suspension system. As with the rest of the bike it boasts a fresh two-tone look. Its lower end is powdercoated gloss black, accented with silver powdercoat on the cylinder heads with machined highlights. Chrome brightwork is provided on its derby and timing covers and its simple, round air cleaner, followed by chrome over/under shotgun exhaust.

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      Riding Impressions - Although, the seat height is low, the Blackline’s forward-biased riding position is best described as aggressive and should suit most short riders like me. This is because you have to engage a fists-forward reach to the narrow and fixed internally wired handlebar. The riding position worked surprising well at highway speeds, as it also offered a surprising amount of wind protection from its high front end despite the absence of any wind deflector or bikini fairing. Due to its comparatively reduced rolling mass, the Blackline also accelerates faster than the other equivalents and equally as pleasing is the exhaust note emitted from its twin chrome mufflers and the soft action of the transmission and clutch. The wheelbase stands at 66.5in while the rake angle is laid down to 30° and this allows quite a bit of stability, however, as is typical of Harley’s slammed cruisers, lean angles when cornering are limited to just 24.4° to the left and 25.9° to the right, but that doesn’t mean outright cornering fun is restricted.

      Name:  03.jpg
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      With 125 Nm of torque available, throttle response is spot-on for this 294kg bike, which certainly adds to the wow factor. But the surprising bit is that despite its raked-out geometry and 21in front wheel, the way the Blackline devoured bends equally matched its stately ship-like and balanced qualities on the straight bits is something riders will genuinely appreciate. And despite its rigid appearance, the rear-suspension travel is useful at 3.6in, while braking duties are competently handled by 4-piston calipers biting on 292mm rotors front and rear. Our test bike also had Anti-lock brakes and H-D’s Smart Security System. The front end of the bike is a bit heavy and the weight can be felt during short turn-ins such as U-turns. Additionally, the bike’s stability at high speeds is also atypical of what one is used to encountering in this class. While we are aware that there are no less than eight iterations of the Softail, the chassis and suspension of the Blackline appeared different – actually quite agile and flexible. While we clocked over 300km in a variety of mountain roads, highways and urban riding, the wide, supportive seat ensured long-haul comfort.

      I also liked the way H-D has streamlined the operational switchgear, which is now much more svelte and user-friendly. The hazard warning lamp is now a one action switch and the mode switch on the left-hand switchgear to toggle through all the functions on the small LCD display inset are welcome measures.

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      Verdict - In the US, H-D sold more bikes in the 18-to-34 year-old segment over the past two years than the total sales of Aprilia, BMW, Ducati, Triumph and Victory combined. H-D has successfully created a standalone iteration of the Softail family which fuses the iconic styling of the 70s with cutting edge efficiency of 21st century engineering. The stripped and lean Blackline is a nice example of back to basics approach with affordable pricing. Harley-Davidson is expected to bring this model to India soon (within a year).
      Never Say Never Again :)

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      Harley Davidson inaugurates largest dealership in North India

      Harley-Davidson's independent dealer partner, Capital Harley-Davidson has opened a new dealership in New Delhi today.

      This will be the company's second dealership in Delhi, after the Vasant Kunj showroom.

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      The new facility is also the Harley-Davidson dealership showroom in North India, and the second destination dealership in India

      after Seven Islands showroom in Mumbai.

      Located on the NH-8 in Gurgaon, the new facility is spread over 18,000 square feet, and features a 4,000 square feet customer lounge

      and event space. The service area at the dealership consists of 12 work bays and a separate washing area for the Harleys.

      It is well equipped to carry out repairs, maintenance work and customisation.

      The facility will offer the entire line-up of 11 models on offer by the company in India, starting from Rs. 4.1 (ex-showroom, Delhi).

      A wide range of Harley riding attire and accessories are also on offer.

      Source : http://www.autocarindia.com/auto-new...ia-386529.aspx

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      Harley-Davidson introduces electric motorcycle!

      Harley-Davidson has introduced its first electric motorcycle, a sleek, futuristic bike that sounds like a jet airplane taking off

      and can go from 0 to 60 mph in less than four seconds.

      Click image for larger version. 

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      The bike isn't in production yet. Instead, the public will get its first look at handmade demonstration models

      at an invitation-only event Monday in New York. The company will then take the models on the road for riders to try and provide feedback.

      Harley will use the information to refine the bike, which might not hit the market for several more years.

      The venture is a risk for Harley because there's currently almost no market for full-size electric motorcycles.

      The millions of two-wheeled electric vehicles sold each year are almost exclusively scooters and low-powered bikes that appeal to Chinese commuters.

      But those focused on electric vehicle development say Harley has the marketing power to create demand,

      and its efforts to lower costs, build charging stations and improve technology will help everyone involved.

      "It does validate what we've been doing; it adds additional credibility to it. It is certainly going to draw more people's attention to electric

      motorcycles. The marketing horsepower of Harley-Davidson is going to be able to do things for us that we can't do on our own," said Scot Harden,

      vice president of global marketing at Zero Motorcycles, the top seller of full-size, high-powered electric bikes.

      Zero expects to sell 2,400 electric motorcycles this year, a drop in the bucket compared with the more than 260,000 conventional motorcycles

      sold last year by Harley.

      The new LiveWire won't make Harley's distinctive "potato-potato-potato" chug.

      Its engine is silent, and the turbine-like hum comes from the meshing of gears.

      Electric motors also eliminate the need to shift gears and provide rapid acceleration and better handling.

      LiveWire's design places the engine at the bottom of the bike.

      "When you ride a motorcycle, it's the movement of the top of the bike side-to-side that gives you agility in regard to making turns.

      So, if I put weight low in a motorcycle, I can turn faster. I can drop the bike down and make quicker moves," said Gary Gauthier,

      of NextEnergy, a Detroit-based nonprofit with expertise in electric vehicles.

      One hurdle Harley and others have yet to address is the limited range offered by electric motorcycles.

      Batteries typically must be recharged after about 130 miles, and that can take 30 minutes to an hour.

      San Jose State University police Capt. Alan Cavallo helped his department buy two Zero motorcycles

      and said officers have been "super happy" with the quiet, environmentally friendly bikes made nearby in Scotts Valley, California.

      But he said American riders who like to hit the highway would likely lose patience with the technology.

      "That's the deal with the cars; you can't jump in a Tesla and drive to LA, it won't make it," Cavallo said, adding later,

      "People want the convenience of 'I pull into a gas station, I pour some gas in my tank and I go.'"

      Harley President Matt Levatich said he expects technology to improve and the company is less interested in immediate demand

      than long-term potential. True growth in electric vehicles also will require common standards for rapid charging and other features,

      as well as more places for people to plug in.

      Harley expects to play a role in that, he said, noting that its dealership network could provide charging stations.

      "We think that the trends in both EV technology and customer openness to EV products, both automotive and motorcycles,

      is only going to increase, and when you think about sustainability and environmental trends,

      we just see that being an increasing part of the lifestyle and the requirements of riders," Levatich said.

      "So, nobody can predict right now how big that industry will be or how significant it will be."

      Source : Yahoo news

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      Nice move, but the price would be upwards of 11L IMO when it comes to India
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      You might wanna check this - Sora an Electric Street Fighter from Lito Green Motion

      The SORA features the world's first electric seat on a motorcycle, allowing the driver to completely change the driving dynamics of the bike at the simple push of a button. Drive comfortably in a low seat position when you're cruising on the highway, then shift the seat higher for city driving to recreate that Street Fighter feel.
      Read more - The Essence of Design - Powered by Lito Green Motion

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