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    Thread: The Missing Dicor engine mystery

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      The Missing Dicor engine mystery

      Whenever I talk about how the 1.4 dicor engines suck, I'm told that there is a 90bhp dicor out there somewhere which got shelved because of the weak indica gearbox. I thought it was n urban legend, especially since the indigo manza showed up without it ( and it was supposed to appear in it)

      Yet proof of it exist in press releases and news articles such as this one
      http://www.hindu.com/mp/2006/07/17/stor ... 380300.htm
      A Tata engine that has been a long time coming - the DiCOR version of the Indigo/Indica motor - has been on the cards for a couple of years now. Euro IV norms will hasten its introduction both at home as well as abroad. The motor features a new head as well as intake system and the unit is expected in both 70 and 90bhp guises.
      The most concrete proof came when I was checking up on the turbos indicas use

      The 1.4 IDI turbos use the KKK KP35
      The dicors use the Garret GT1241SZ
      so what is this 1.4L Diesel 90 bhp engine with a GT1444V then?

      Not the multijet since its a 1.4 litre block, and this is from 2006.

      Anybody got any pointers ?
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      What gearbox does the Indigo XL DOHC petrol use?
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      I'm finding it difficult to even spot the indica Dicors that was launched. and you are looking for an engine that has never been launched in any car Just kidding

      My guess would be that the project has been shelved since TATA has got easy access to better engines from FIAT. so they dont have to invest in developing/finetuning. Just plonk it in and launch.
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      So ,TATA Will now rely permanently on engines from fiat?Although 1.4l dicors are not very successful; But,I read about Safari 3.0L Dicor indeed was not problematic .
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