The country’s second largest two-wheeler manufacturer Bajaj Auto despite its focus on performance segment in the last few years is now looking at the 125cc space which is among the econo-commuter segment, the domain of the leader of the pack Hero Honda.

According to a report in The Business Line, recently launched Discover 125 is part of a strategy to ensure leadership in the upper end of the commuter segment. The report quoted Rajiv Bajaj, Managing Director of Bajaj Auto as saying “The Hero Honda name is strong in the 100cc space but does not travel as well in 125cc bikes. It is here that Bajaj has an opportunity to strike it big with the Discover 125.” The report mentions that the Discover 100 and 150 duo has been averaging 1.25 lakh units each month, of which, the former accounts for a lion's share with 85,000 units. The report state that the decision to launch the 150cc after the 100cc version was delibarate. “It was a deliberate ploy to create this huge contrast in the commuter segment and it has shown us that 40,000 customers each month have moved beyond mileage. Gradually, this trickle will become a flood in five years but we cannot wait that long. We were also aware that the Discover 150 represented an extreme jump in the commuter space and it was time for the ‘in-between' option,” Bajaj said according to the report.

It was mentioned in the report that `Shine’ from Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India is the lead player in the 125cc category with over 25,000 units a month. Hero Honda's Glamour and Super Splendor are also part of this product segment. “Personally, I would be very happy if the 85,000 monthly numbers of the Discover 100 completely shift to the 125cc version. And if another 10,000 customers hopefully come in from the Discover 150, we would have then secured our position in this category,” Bajaj said. It was also mentioned that he also said “Over time, people will gravitate beyond 100cc and we must patiently wait for customers to come to us. If we step out, this is where the mistake will occur.” The earlier model XCD 125 was supposed to do exactly this when it was conceived nearly five years ago. “I did not know at that time the difference between a product and a brand. We did everything right on the XCD but the name,” he added, according to the report.

Source - Bajaj looking at being top seller in 125cc motorcycles with the new Discover | WheelsUnplugged