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    Thread: India's first first rent-an-electric-two-wheeler scheme launched in Pune

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      India's first first rent-an-electric-two-wheeler scheme launched in Pune

      Pune has become the first city in the country where commuters have access to an electric two wheeler, available on rent. State Transport Commissioner Dilip Jadhav inaugurated the country’s first rent-an-electric-two-wheeler scheme in Kothrud on Sunday.

      At present, motorcycles are available for rent in Goa, but these run on petrol. The scooter used in the rent-a-two-wheeler scheme in Pune is an electric vehicle which runs on a battery. A company named ET electrans has started the scheme at three locations in the city– Kothrud, Wanowrie and Chinchwad. The company has introduced three scooter models for this scheme and the rent will be calculated based on how long the scooter is used.

      A commuter that chooses the base model will have to pay one rupee per minute, while the second model will be available at Rs 1.25 per minute.

      The top-end model of the electric scooter is available at the price of Rs 1.50 per minute, which means that if someone rides the scooter from Kothrud to Pune station, the rider will take approximately 30 minutes, which amounts to Rs 45 in rent. Although those who have their own two-wheeler might end up spending less, it will be cheaper than a rickshaw ride for those who do not own a vehicle.

      Although initially only the corporate sector will be able to avail of this service, depending on the response, it could be made available to the public as well. Currently, interested commuters have to register for the service with a membership fee of Rs 2,500.

      Dilip Nandkeolyar, managing director of ET electrans said, “At present we have three master stations but we are going to add seven more, which will supervise nearly 400 outlets spread across Pune and ****ri-Chinchwad. The riders can take a scooter from any of these outlets and after use, they can return it to the nearest one.

      Depending on the response from the corperate sector we are planning to open this service to the public within the next two to three months.” The company is also planning to extend the service to other, smaller cities in Maharashtra like Nashik, Aurangabad, Kolhapur and Solapur.
      “Apart from Maharashtra we are also looking forward to starting this service in Chhatisgarh and Gujarat as well,” Nandkeolyar added.

      Source : Pune Mirror
      Link : http://www.punemirror.in/article/2/2...he-future.html
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      Very innovative!

      Quote Originally Posted by trustvishwas View Post
      starting this service in Chhatisgarh and Gujarat as well,
      Hope they introduce these in paces like Goa, Hampi, Mahabs, etc, where overseas tourists apart from a few Indian ones will patronize this service.

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