Bulbs-from the scratch…..

So,what is the core of headlights, yes it’s the bulb.it can be of so many types but one is for sure its one of the most important key factor that produces good light.
We can broadly classify automotive headlight bulbs into the following…

  1. THE incandescent TYPE.
  4. LED.

Here I will talk about the incandescent type bulb.
So most of you will think what is the incandescent bulb? is it a type of halogen bulb? I say no. the story goes wa back in the time line. Back in the 60 s and till 90 s in India most of the vehicle produced be it a 2 wheel be it a 4 wheel or be it a 6 or more most of them was having at least one thing in common. THE BULB!!! It was the grand daddy of these days hids,halos.its made of simple things,in active gas, a filament made of tungstane and voila.
The light production was pretty less,heat production was more(now you know why the old reflectors were all made of glass and metal!!).they were only one word –SIMPLE.
The wattage of them were 30 watt to 45 watt to 100 watt in some limited cases.
The cars were using the 30 watt varity. The bike and scooters are using even less,only trucks were armed with 50+ watts power.
In reality these bulbs production were a bit less then these days 35 watt halogens which comes in bikes,but as they were used in minimum 2 at the same time ,so it was okok in case of cars.till these days these are used widely in case of tail,break,indicator,parking bulbs,these are cheap and we must say thanks to sir Thomas Edison which is showing the way in night till date.
here are some pictures of the old bulbs.