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    Thread: FIAT India comes up with new strategies

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      Fiat Chrysler plans to launch 9 new models

      Automotive group Fiat Chrysler, which has not had a very successful run in India so far despite its tie up with Tata Motors, plans to launch nine new models and expand its sales and service network in the next three years.

      Speaking to reporters here on Tuesday, Fiat Chrysler India Operations president and managing director Nagesh Basavanhalli said, “As part of the expansion plan, we plan to launch nine models, a combination of refreshed and new models, in the next three years.”

      The company would start launching the new products from this year and will go on for the next three years, he said without divulging details. Besides Fiat, models from other brands like Chrysler and Abarth would be launched, Basavanhalli said. Last year, Fiat and Tata Motors had decided to end their partnership. Since then Fiat has gone on to set up its own showrooms and stopped completely selling its cars from the Tata-Fiat joint branded showrooms from early this year. The company has already announced that the iconic Jeep model from Chrysler stable will be launched in India in the last quarter of this calendar year. Regarding the increasing market share, he said: “We have less than one per cent currently (in India), which we plan to double each year for the next three years.”

      The company plans to launch four models from Fiat, four from Chrysler brand and one model from Abarth marquee in the next three years.

      As parts of expansion, Fiat India is also looking to widen its dealership network in the country.

      Source - http://newindianexpress.com/business...cle1722146.ece
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      Facelift 2014 Linea for Indian Market

      While browsing net, found this -

      2014 Fiat Linea Facelift Caught Testing in India;Launch in 2014 | MotorBash.com

      Why is this New 2014 Linea?

      Many of you will get confused and may feel that Fiat is testing the current Linea which will be launched as Linea Classic towards the end of this year in India. However, here are the clear giveaways that this mule in pictures is indeed the 2014 Fiat Linea:

      1. Stripping of features on the current Linea will not warrant any real camouflaged on-road testing so this really cannot be the Linea Classic (which will come with same engine options as well).

      2. Front Grille & Logo: Notice the front grille. It has two parallel running lines with the ‘Fiat’ logo sitting aperched. This is exactly the same configuration in the new Linea.

      3. Dashboard & Instrument Panel: Notice the dashboard and more importantly the instrument panel. It is exactly the same ‘bulged up’ as the new Linea (Dashoard pic of New Linea towards the end of this article).

      4. Number Plate mounts: In our current Linea, the number plate is mounted down on the rear bumper. However, in the new Linea Fiat has set this provision higher up on the rear bonnet. If you see this mule, there doesn’t appear to be a provision of bumper mounted registration plate and the rear bonnet has some protrude, which gives us a clear peak into its positioning.

      There are various other giveaways like the bumpers, reflectors, headlights etc.

      Through this scoop we confirm that Fiat has started testing the new 2014 Fiat Linea on the Indian soil and we can safely expect Fiat to be on trot to launch it at its planned period of early 2014.
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      Any updates if the new linea is going to have the 1.6 MJD?

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      FIAT is launching Punto EVO with 1.6 MJD and a T-jet variant in coming Auto Expo

      Now click LoL
      I can bet FIAT will launch nothing new and all will be refreshed models, just Jeep and Abarth brands would be there.
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      Yup. That's what I fear too. The Sales people I have been in touch with also said that they haven't received any info about engine update.

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      Things have gone from bad to pathetic here in Assam. After the Tata-Fiat split, Assam received just a single dealership and service center. Now that too has closed down, leaving Assam with no authorised dealership/service center. It goes without saying that owners are now going through a hellish experience in trying to maintain their cars. Even local garages seem to be quite inadept at handling these cars. Everytime I post a feedback on Fiat's FB page or through email, this is the reply I get -

      Thank you for the communication, deeply regret the inconvenience. Fiat network team is in process of opening new exclusive dealerships in your mentioned area as well all over India. It will take short time to get the new dealerships. If it get open we will inform you by Mass media.

      Not that Fiat cars are really reliable or something. From July 2012- May 2014, I had to confine my drives to a ~50km radius due to numerous issues with the car and Fiat just chose to ignore complaints and this is a Punto that I am talking about, not the earlier Palios or Unos. Even escalating matters to the fabled Mangesh Kodalkar didn't work. Some people say 'Once a Fiat always a Fiat'. For me it has now become 'Once a Fiat, never again'.
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      Fiat India has launched the Linea 125 S at Rs 7.82 lakh, ex-Delhi. The Fiat Linea 125 S is the most powerful sedan in its segment and was first showcased at the Auto Expo 2016 as a concept. This trim sits above the current crop of Multijet as well as T-jet engined Lineas in Fiat India’s portfolio. At the expo, Fiat also showcased the Punto Pure trims, bringing back the first-gen Punto in a slightly more affordable package. As of now, the T-jet Fiat Linea petrol retails for Rs 8.37 lakh for the base Active variant. This is a no-brainer given that the more feature-rich as well as powerful Linea 125 S sells for approximately Rs 50,000 less. Fiat India may likely phase out the T-jet or reduce its prices significantly (Fiat just confirmed that they have discontinued the Linea T-Jet) contd.....


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      Some good news on FASS Service .

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